Korean Makeup/Skincare Haul – Etude House

Belated Merry Christmas, everyone!  Hope you all had a wonderful holiday surrounded by family and friends, good food, Christmas cheer…  *sigh* I love the holidays.  :3

I actually got back from Korea about a week ago and I wanted to share a haul from the Korean brand: Etude House.  This is my girlfriend’s absolute FAVORITE brand because the packaging is extremely cute and girly–it’s right up her alley.  She showed me her compact during a lunch break and it was pink, sparkley, just as princess-ey as you can imagine.

I love sparkle (not as much as she does) but I still  wanted to try out the brand so I got a variety of random skincare and makeup things.  The grand total for this was roughly $50 US and it’s important to note that I bought almost every item on sale. YAY for deals!

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Standing Ab Exercises AKA Helpful Moves for People Who Travel

There is a gym in this hotel.  I think it also includes a semi-outdoor driving range!  Unfortunately, I don’t golf (but I really wish I did, does anyone want to take lessons?).  Typically when I’m on work trips and its too late or it isn’t practical to run (IT SNOWED TODAY I was confused), I hang out in my room, blast iTunes, and do a lot of non-noisy cardio and body weight exercises.

My only rule is: CAN’T TOUCH THE GROUND because hotels and carpets and ugh.  It rules out yoga for me and some ab exercises…which makes me sad!  Good thing for Pinterest: now I’m happy.

For the travelers out there, here’s some standing abs from GymRa!  Thought I’d share–I tend to do a lot more squats than anything else because of the Rule.  They have a lot more regular workout routines too, which are great for combining to make interesting sets!  I need to incorporate arms and back into my workouts.


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December 2015 Birchbox: All Wrapped Up

Hello from Korea!!!  I’m here for a week.  The driving style is very…abrupt but the food is amazing!  Dare I say it–I think I might like it better then when I’m in Japan.  There’s vegetables in every meal!  😀

But anyway–what’d you guys get in your December box?  My pick this month was the Jane Iredale Lip and Cheek stain.  I don’t think I had a choice of the Coastal Scents palettes but I’m glad it’s the brown shade one (styleEYES) because some of the other choices were a bit loud for me.

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 8.54.10 PMScreen Shot 2015-12-08 at 5.40.45 AM

YES CHOCOLATE!  I hope mine doesn’t melt in the mail.  I miss when Birchbox would send little snack extras in their boxes (but I also don’t mind when I get tiny foil packets of product instead of snacks haha).

I’m very glad to be getting that JUARA hand cream.  1: I like the brand, 2: My hands and fingers are DRY. To avoid cracking/splitting nails, I always apply a simple gel polish because I HATE when my nail splits while I’m working.  So irritating!

I’m also glad to be getting a hair product, a good cream stain (I’m tired of powders), and that scrub so I can scrub off all this dead skin.  I’m the most reserved on the palette itself.  I wasn’t too impressed the last time I got a Coastal Scents product because the pigmentation was just okay, and the texture seemed a bit chalky.  I also wonder what the palette will look like (the one in the picture is the full-size, I imagine).

Overall, December has me extremely happy!  Thanks Birchbox!   Over the past couple months, I’ve saved a few products from my Birchboxes (yes I resisted using them all).  I’m going to make mini Birchboxes for my Mom and Sister as stocking stuffers for Christmas.  I’ll pick the most festive Boxes–lately, they’ve been to pretty to wrap!

Influenster VoxBox Sneak Peek!

First of all: Happy December!!!  25 days till Christmas.

Second: If you’re interested in reading an M.Gemi review–I clicked the button and posted reaaaally late, Hawaii time (or like 2AM everywhere else)  Haha!  Oh well.  (Is WordPress’ layout different or is it just me?)

THIRD: I feel very fortunate in that I typically get picked to review an Influenster box around holiday season.  This year is no exception!  I got picked for Unilever’s Dry Spray & Walmart VoxBox.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 8.25.57 PM

I wonder how this is being shipped to me (in Hawaii aka Air Mail)  A box ENTIRELY of spray deodorants!  I laughed really hard when I first saw this and understood what it was.  (At first, I was really excited because I thought it was a box FULL of dry shampoo!  One can never have enough dry shampoo….)

The most interesting part of this box is that it seems to be…”custom.”  That must mean that Influensters are getting different batches of Unilever (or Walmart sold?) sprays to try out.  I’m a bit relieved because the promo pic features a lot of products for men.  I’m not sure how would feel being my tester for the week.  I guess I could have tried them out on myself (and smell very manly)?

Deodorant wise–I never really use sprays.  I tried one once (that Degree can featured in the middle) and I thought it was just okay.  Guess we’ll see, won’t we?