Standing Ab Exercises AKA Helpful Moves for People Who Travel

There is a gym in this hotel.  I think it also includes a semi-outdoor driving range!  Unfortunately, I don’t golf (but I really wish I did, does anyone want to take lessons?).  Typically when I’m on work trips and its too late or it isn’t practical to run (IT SNOWED TODAY I was confused), I hang out in my room, blast iTunes, and do a lot of non-noisy cardio and body weight exercises.

My only rule is: CAN’T TOUCH THE GROUND because hotels and carpets and ugh.  It rules out yoga for me and some ab exercises…which makes me sad!  Good thing for Pinterest: now I’m happy.

For the travelers out there, here’s some standing abs from GymRa!  Thought I’d share–I tend to do a lot more squats than anything else because of the Rule.  They have a lot more regular workout routines too, which are great for combining to make interesting sets!  I need to incorporate arms and back into my workouts.





On a Travel note: Korea is AMAZING!!!  I’m in a small town about 2 hours from Busan (the 2nd biggest city in Korea) and the food is great, the people are generally really nice, and the shopping is FUN!  Maybe because there are a LOT more skincare stores everywhere, I’m in love.  I feel like my flavor profile has now expanded and that my spicy tolerance is rapidly increasing more and more with each spicy red soup and scoop of spicy pepper paste.  Everything is BRIGHT red, it’s crazy.  Or perhaps more crazy: the food that is particularly labeled ‘spicy’ because those are a dark, almost burgundy color.  That’s way off the spicy deep end for me.


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