Korean Makeup/Skincare Haul – Etude House

Belated Merry Christmas, everyone!  Hope you all had a wonderful holiday surrounded by family and friends, good food, Christmas cheer…  *sigh* I love the holidays.  :3

I actually got back from Korea about a week ago and I wanted to share a haul from the Korean brand: Etude House.  This is my girlfriend’s absolute FAVORITE brand because the packaging is extremely cute and girly–it’s right up her alley.  She showed me her compact during a lunch break and it was pink, sparkley, just as princess-ey as you can imagine.

I love sparkle (not as much as she does) but I still  wanted to try out the brand so I got a variety of random skincare and makeup things.  The grand total for this was roughly $50 US and it’s important to note that I bought almost every item on sale. YAY for deals!


In no particular order:

  1. Dear Girls Oil Control Pact – Clear Pressed Powder that absorbs oil, applied with a puff.  This is a smaller compact than the typical Korean sizes that I’m used to using.
  2. Dear Darling Water Tint – Berry Lipstain.  Long lasting with a slight fruity flavor.  Reminds me of Benefit’s Benetint, down to the applicator.
  3. Drawing Show – Brush Liner – Skinny Tip!  The pigment is VERY black and it reminds me of the Kat Von D Tattoo liner.
  4. Tear Eye Liner – Rose Gold.  Did I mention that none of these products (besides the BB Cushion) is over $10?  I had to buy this as a fun little accent for New Year’s and going out.
  5. Enamel+ing Gel Nails  – Clear with little white holograms in it.  $3 I couldn’t say no!  Besides the solid colors, this was one of the more ‘tame’ gel nail colors.  There was a lot of loud glitter choices!
  6. Play Stick 101 – Shade #11.  I think this was intended to be a bronzer stick (even though it says multi-function) but because I’m so dark, it matches my complexion pretty well!  It blends easily but for some reason, I feel like it has a weird smell.  The Play Stick also comes in blush and highlighter shades as well.
  7. Save Cushion – Precious Mineral Moist Natural Beige SPF 50+ – I couldn’t resist this compact, it’s so cute!!!  There’s a little description of the Sand Cat on it and I think a portion of the proceeds go towards an Endangered Animal fund.  If you’re lighter, I totally recommend Korean BB Cushion Compacts because they are SO easy to apply over your moisturizer and they provide EXCELLENT sun protection.  This particular BB shade is a bit too light for me but the application is different than the Face Shop one that I’ve used before–I can layer it just light enough (and blend) so it’s not too noticeable.  I’ll order one shade up (Honey Beige) when I need a refill.
  8. Silk Scarf Double Care Hair Mask – Interesting product!  It’s a oil treatment for colored hair and it comes with a cute little plastic cap.
  9. Moistful Collagen Cream [Sample] – It’s a really light cream with a slight fragrance.  It absorbs really easily into my skin.  The texture is in between the Clinique Lotions and Gels.
  10. Aloe Soothing Relief Face Mask (x2) – Basic one-piece masks, great for using after the beach or anytime you’ve had a bit too much sun!  I like to put these in the fridge and save them for hot days.
  11. Petite Beauty Blackhead 3-Step Kit (x2) – These are the most amazing nose peels EVER.  The 3 steps really make a difference in removing things from the pores from your nose (it’s so gross yet so satisfying).  Step 1 is a softening patch that opens pores. Step 2 is the actual blackhead cleaning patch and Step 3 is a pore closing patch.  I promise, it’s WORTH it to spend $2.50 on this 3 step process.
  12. Black Charcoal Chin Patch – A chin-shaped patch, typical blackhead removing.
  13. My Beauty Tool: Pimple Popper – Eloquently named, isn’t it?  There’s a little scoop on one side and a loop on the other.  It comes with a little grey plastic case.
  14. My Beauty Tool: Etti Nail Clippers – YES they’re shaped like kitten paws!

FUN!  I’m so glad that I got to try all of these products.  My favorite items are definitely the foundation/bronzer stick, the Blackhead strips, and the cute Sand Cat compact!  Do you guys have favorite Korean beauty products?  I have one more haul (it’s smaller) coming up from Beauty House Skinfood.  Stay tuned!


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