Influenster Try Dry Voxbox: Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant Review

First off, as always, this product was provided free of charge for testing purposes.  Testing!  I’ve tested all sorts of stuff for Influenster but this is my first time testing an antiperspirant.  Or deodorant, rather.  I always grew up calling it that–and I grew up using the stick version.  When they came out with the sprays, I bought one and didn’t like it very much–it felt sticky!  So I was a bit wary when I got a new one to try.


From the product description:

Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant

All the care of Dove that goes on instantly dry

Pssst. Have you heard? There’s an antiperspirant spray with all the care of Dove and it goes on instantly dry. Why? Because your underarms deserve the same care your skin gets.

Dove’s Research and Development team have been through years of research to create an antiperspirant spray which goes on instantly dry when it touches your skin, leaving it soft and smooth and protecting you for 48-hours.

Nothing short of revolutionary, Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant is the first antiperspirant spray with ¼ moisturizers, so you can have all the care of Dove in a spray that goes on instantly dry. And it’s really easy to use: shake it twice, spray it on your underarms and that’s it.

Choose from six unique fragrances: Nourished Beauty, Plus Cool Essentials, Revive, Beauty Finish, Skin Renew or Sensitive.

On to the review:

*anti-climatic drumroll* … … … I…

I am rather digging this spray!  I sprayed myself this morning before getting dressed.  The button was a little hard to press (I’m probably just not used to pressing it) but once I got it going, it was easy to mist the entire underarm region.  The smell was pleasant, not overpowering or overwhelming.  It was very Dove, if you get my gist.  No stickiness but I did notice a bit of shininess right afterwards, which disappeared after a while.

At the end of the day (when I’m writing this), still no stickiness and no smell.  Yes!  This part is going to sound weird but it’s integral to a review on antiperspirants; If I sniff in that area, I smell a ‘people smell’ that’s not stinky or smells like B.O..  This makes me kind of doubt the 48-hour claim a little, but I’d probably reapply every morning anyway.

The only thing that I didn’t really care for was the actual spraying of this product.  You have to do it near a window or in a well-ventilated area!  I sprayed it in my bathroom and B and Zuko complained of feeling ‘gassed out’ buy the extra spray.  This also happens when I apply dry shampoo.

Overall, yes–I would definitely buy this particular product again, but perhaps in a different scent.  There’s a sensitive skin version but I’d pick the ClearTone version for myself–it’s also what I use for the regular stick as well.  I kind of miss the smooth gliding feeling when you’re wearing regular antiperspirant but this product is a MUST HAVE for any type of event in which you are dressed up and don’t want to get any product on your clothing.   Or if you have to raise your arms at anytime and you don’t want little lines of product in your underarm creases.  Sorry, that last description brings up a strange image.

FYI: The product that I didn’t care for was the Degree Dry Spray, which seems like it’s aimed for more active situations versus this Dove Spray, which is more of an everyday product.

Do any of you use dry spray antiperspirants?  If you have any favorites, lmk!  :]   Thanks Influenster for the chance to #TryDry~


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