January 2016 Birchbox: Moodboard Your Year

I have never made a moodboard.  Maybe I should start!  I’ll add it to my growing list of New Year’s Resolutions.  This year, I have:

  1. Eat Less Sugar
  2. Be calmer in tense situations
  3. Do More Yoga
  4. Cook at home more
  5. Take Puppy on longer walks

I also got this really neat memory journal for Christmas–it asks you a different question every day and you do it for 5 years. I know, I know, that’s dedication!  But I figured it’d be neat to see how my answers change as I age.  I also see it as the lazy woman’s journal.  I always love the idea of journals but I tend to write only horrible things in it or I totally fall off the wagon and neglect the book for months.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 10.02.33 PM

But ANYWAY—back to Moodboards.  This is what Birchbox sent me this month:

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 9.57.33 PM

I’m doing this off of an advanced preview so the mini screenshot of all the samples isn’t available to me yet.  Here’s what I got:

  • Beautiful Nutrition – Grapefruit Detox Shine Repair Shampoo
  • Beautiful Nutrition – Grapefruit Detox Shine Repair Conditioner
  • Tony Moly – Delight Tony Tint
  • FOREO – Day Cleanser
  • Eyeko – Fat Liquid Eyeliner

My sample selection was the Eyeko liner–I swear I’ve gotten the skinny liner SOMETIME in my Birchbox history but I remember nothing about it!  I do know that I passed up the mascara because I had extensions at the time.  *sigh*  I know I have a TON of eyeliner but I couldn’t pass up the chance to try this one out.

I’m happy to get a Korean lip tint–I am loving my Etude House one that I got in a previous makeup haul.  I love the Tony Moly brand!  They sell their stuff at Urban Outfitters too–my absolute favorite line are the products shaped like pandas.  Haha. :3

I’ve never heard of Beautiful Nutrition or FOREO before so woohoo!  Back to product discovery!  Thanks Birchbox, I’m really looking forward to this one.  A great way to start off my BB 2016, don’t you think?   Did you guys get anything fun this month?

PS: Did you know that if you shared your box, you got 10 points?  WHAAAAT I’ve been missing out on 10 points all of this time?  I don’t think I ever looked that closely at that product page before.  *sigh*


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