Rachel Zoe, Box of Style: Spring 2016 Hero Item Reveal

Ohayo Gozaimasu (Japanese)!  Or rather, Aloha Kakahiaka (Hawaiian).  This morning, Box of Style subscribers woke up to a rather wonderful surprise in our inboxes:  The Hero Item reveal for the first box of 2016!  WOOHOO!

What do you guys think?  First thought was…mmm, that’s not really my style but I appreciate the fact that Rachel Zoe knows best (I’m thinking of that song from Frozen, ‘Mother Knows Best,’ haha) and I will probably end up LOVING this bag.  My favorite part are the tassels.  Since the theme for this season might be a little festival inspired, I feel like it’ll go with all of my Golden Tote items.  I always pick ‘Classic’ or ‘Modern’ over ‘Bohemian’ for my style choices but the items I pick for myself always tend to be more ‘free-spirited’ than what I originally wanted.

Second thought was–DANG again, that’s real leather (just like that Cambridge bag they sent last year, oh I love RZ) and alone, it’s worth $150!

Overall, I’m really really really excited.  As I always am for RZ’s Box of Style, you guys know its my favorite subscription.  After 1 year of subscribing, I’m thinking the contents will be something similar to this:

  1. Hero Item
  2. Makeup/Beauty Item (x2)
  3. Lifestyle related Item (x1 or x2)
  4. Small but luxe hair or jewelry Item
  5. Fashion Saver Item

I always look forward to the Fashion Saver Item.  You know, the nipple covers, foot pads, invisible tape.  It’s always something that I never knew I needed but once I got it, I was IN LOVE.  How could I ever live without this amazing thing?  Haha.  (Cue the music) *Rachel Zoeeeeeeeeeee!  Knows Best!*


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