Bespoke Box Review: The Weekender

Bespoke Box is a Men’s Lifestyle monthly subscription that sends out all sorts of neat things–organized into really cool collections.  Every month, there’s a new set of about 3 collections (which may or may not include a rerelease from a previous month).  This review is for their most popular collection, the Weekender.


After confirming my color pick (I was torn between a gray and an olive but ultimately, I ended up going with the gray.  Slight regret *sigh*), my box arrived pretty quickly.  I was surprised because it was HEAVY.

Box extras!  A playing card deck from Miller Lite, a sample pack of these Hydration Vitamins from a brand called Brode, and a few towelettes for guys.  I liked that all of the extras were travel related and I’m really curious about the Brode pills.  I absolutely hate that sickly, dried out feeling of being on a plane for too long–I should give it a try on my next work trip.

Onto the bag itself–it’s beautiful!


The body of the bag is made of a thick, heavy duty canvas.  The bag is secured by two leather straps with buckles and it’s got a leather strap and a longer, nylon one to sling it over your shoulder.

The reason why this bag is so HEAVY is because of this metal framing at the very top.  Imagine that it opens like a doctor’s bag.  This helps the bag keep it’s structure nicely but it’s a bit cumbersome (I’ve already banged myself in the knee and shin with this) and I’m not sure it’s worth the extra weight.  It also makes the bag hard to compress or travel with if you have to squish it into a tight space.  For my personal usage, this bag is best suited for small getaways (yay for staycations) and perhaps interisland travel.  I’m also in love with the fact that it’s so versatile–both myself and B could easily use this and we’d both be happy (or perhaps I’d be happy for both of us).

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with this box!  The quality is amazing and I love the customization that Bespoke Box offers.  If you’re interested in subscribing, I’d wait until Groupon is offering a sale.  I think after the discount and the coupon, I got this box for under $20!  Woohoo, deals!


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