Rachel Zoe, Box of Style: Winter 2015

Just now, I realized that I didn’t do reviews of my Summer or Fall Rachel Zoe boxes.  I don’t know why–Summer was AMAZING (Hero item: White Cambridge Leather Bag) and Fall was so fun (Hero item: Cluse watch with interchangeable leather wristbands).

Let’s begin with the surprise!  I didn’t know this would be included in the Winter box–it was sent out to annual subscribers (it’s actually the best deal, you save a little).  This origami style pouch is so cute and it holds a LOT of stuff.  It’s perfect for when I travel–I’ve already stuffed all of my skincare related travel items in it and it fits!  My skin gets so dry when I fly, I have to moisturize constantly or I’ll get flaky skin.

On to the hero item!  I see Alexis Bittar pieces everywhere but I don’t own any of his pieces, this is a first for me.  I was a bit worried it would be a little too bulky but this ring is REALLY comfortable.  I was able to adjust the ring so that it fits great (the back is open and you can gently bend the sides to get the size that’s best for your fingers)

There were a bunch of beauty related items in this box, which I really liked. I’m always pleased with the brand choices that the Box of Style sends because they’re either tried and true, cult-favorites or their very promising up-and-coming products. The featured brands were Honest Beauty, Ciate, and Marula Oil.

The Honest Beauty wipes have a really pleasant, refreshing smell to them and they’re great for wiping off makeup, especially to refresh/reapply at the middle or end of the day. The mulberry color of the lip crayon was VERY pigmented! I’m not too big of a lip person (if I do, I gravitate towards nudes and pinks), but I’m really liking this product. Not sure if I would spend $18 on it through…

The Marula Oil products, on the other hand, YES I would splurge on. Ever since I’ve started ombre-ing my hair, I totally understand the beauty of hair masks. My hair feels AMAZING after I do these! The Marula Oil products have a bit of a scent so I typically keep the oil treatment for my hair ends and finger cuticles versus skin, although it can be used for either.

The Ciate Nail Polish shade that I got is Ivory Queen, which is a pinky beige shimmery color. I rather like it! I still have my Zoya colors that I got from the very first Box of Style–I think I’m going to layer this color with some of those.

The style item is a really cute halfmoon hair pin. I love it because it can be used to dress up any look–I use it to pin loose ends when I braid my hair. There’s also a lifestyle item–a really pretty set of leopard print notecards. I’m in love with the gold envelopes!

Last but not least is what I lovingly refer to as the ‘fashion saver item.’ This box included a set of foot petals which are LIFESAVERS if you have shoes that are a bit loose–I put mine in to avoid toe scrunching and also to help sliding around in shoes that are slightly too big. They’re really comfortable but be careful–once you put them in, there’s really no way to remove them without some sort of damage (the adhesive is REALLY strong). I’ve already put mine into a pair of gold pumps that I got from Anthro during their TagTime sale–I’ve worn them all day and my feet are still happy!


Of all of the seasons, I might be inclined to say that Winter was my favorite Box of Style. Spring may be first (omg Miansai LOVE) and Summer and Fall are pretty equal for me. I’m definitely looking forward to another year of Rachel Zoe!

PS: I know I swore not to but I broke and ordered the PopSugar Must Have Holiday Box for Her. It was okay–a lot of it was fun stuff or practical stuff, but nothing that I was over the moon to receive (and I was a little bummed because the for Him box was way better than the for Her). For real though–if I didn’t learn my lesson the first time (ugh CFDA), I really did learn it now. No more, I’m done.


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