March 2016 Birchbox: Ready for Anything

In truth, I am not ready for anything at all.  I’m tired and I want to do absolutely nothing.  UGH sorry–this is a sign that I either need a vacation or I need to go to yoga and just zen out.  WORK STRESS with all capital letters.

Flicking a happy switch now (don’t you wish those existed in real life?  Okay, maybe not, I think I’d get even more pissed off)–I’m rather liking this month’s box!

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 9.18.39 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-03 at 9.19.06 PM

Thoughts in no particular order:

Milk Makeup!  I feel like I just got an email from Urban Outfitters showcasing this brand.  I don’t know too much about it other then I think it’s foreign (I’m going to take a wild guess stab and say…Aussie? NVM I just googled it–it’s all made in the good ‘ol U.S. of A).  I’m rather glad it’s a lipcolor (stick)–I’ve been in a lip phase lately.  This is new for me!  I usually go into mascara or eyeliner binges but 2016 has been all about the lip.

A blowout spray sounds awfully handy.  Do you guys wash your hair every day or every other day?  I shoot for every other but in the summer, sometimes I have to do it more frequently.  You know what I’d really be excited to get in one of these boxes?  An exfoliating shampoo.  Not necessarily for dandruff but I figure, we exfoliate our face and bodies once a week (or twice, depending), why not exfoliate our scalp as well?  I’m imagining that it feels really nice, like a scalp massage.

Okay back on topic—AHH eye pads.  Depending on how long the flight is, sometimes I wear them on the night ones to help my skin with the dryness of the plane.  Yes, I have no shame at all. I fly too much PJDK:FJS:DJF WORKSTRESS


Surprisingly, I’m not too hyped up about the eyeshadow or the moisturizer.  Probably because I already know they’re going to be good?  I rather like Kiehl’s things (Ah ha! THEY SELL AN EXFOLIATING SHAMPOO) and I rather like Smashbox products in general.  I actually don’t think I’ve firsthand tried their shadows though.  Oh this will be a fun month, for beauty products, anyway.

Happy Aloha Friday, everyone!



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