Rachel Zoe, Box of Style: Spring 2016

This is the first box of Year 2 of Box of Style and I confess: As soon as I saw the spoilers online, I peeked.  I had to do it–how could I not?  I feel like one of those kids who opens their presents early and then wraps it back up so no one knows and then has to feign surprise on the actual day (my siblings do this).


First off, the packaging is a little different now.  Its a flap style box versus the regular cover/lid style.  I preferred the other box because it was more versatile with my options to reuse it but I think the ‘Hello Gorgeous’ touch is really cute.


Alright!  Now on to the good stuff.

The beauty items were strong and I’ll combine the ‘fashion saver’ item as well as the spotlight item into this category as well.

  • Jouer Creme Eyeshadow Crayon – Mine was in Rococo (gold shimmer)
  • Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk – FULL SIZE
  • Hollywood Oil Blotting Tissues – Fashion Saver item
  • La Mer, The Concentrate – Deluxe Sample, Spotlight Item

I am slightly echoing the voices of others when I say that we are drowning in our samples of Dry Shampoo but at the same time, is it possible to have enough dry shampoo?  Haha.  ;_;  I feel like I’m definitely going to be using it at some point or another and it definitely won’t go to waste, especially because this is FULL SIZE woohoo!  I like the texture of this Klorane product but because my hair is dark, I have to make sure that I REALLY work the product in because that white residue makes it looks like I have greying roots.

The oil blotting tissues work REALLY well–loads better than the Neutrogena or Clean and Clear products that I’m used to.  Dare I say it?  I rather like them better then the Tatcha ones too.  The Jouer eyeshadow is smooth and blends very well; its got just the right amount of pigment without overdoing it.  I’ve been after a nice, subtle gold shadow for a while now.  I like it so much, I think I’m going to pick this up in a different color–Renaissance,which is a taupey, purplish burgundy shade.  I’m afraid to open the La Mer sample–I’m afraid to fall in love with it.  Its $340 for 1 oz.


We also got a fashion item and a tech item (this is the first tech item we’ve got from RZ!):

  • Jules Smith Pave Bar and Stone Cuff
  • LSTN Sound Co. Wembley Earbuds

The cuff came in gold (its 14k) or silver and I’m glad I got mine in gold–I think the turquoise stone looks a lot warmer with the gold.  It’s a really cute, petite cuff and it stays on really well!  It doesn’t get in the way when I type or write so its slowly working its way into my daily wear rotation.

I am in LOVE with the earbuds–they’re bamboo!  When I’m shopping in Tokyo by myself, I ride the subway a lot to get around and I always like to listen to music while I’m just…idk. Waiting?  These will be PERFECT because they also have the volume control on the cord.  I’ve never felt the need to replace the Apple ones that come with my iPod because they fit so well but I think I’ll be very happy with these LSTN ones.


On to the hero item: This Shaffer LA leather Bucket Bag.

The tassels on this are so cute! Its actually a bit smaller then I thought it would be (see the 1st picture, in relation to the BoS box.  The leather smells good but I’m not too big of a fan of bags that don’t close securely or the kinds without interior pockets.  If its just my phone and perhaps a little pouch with my ID, credit card, and cash, I think I’ll be okay though.  Perfect for going to a festival (which was the intention of this item) but perhaps a bit too minimal for my everyday use.


Here’s everything:


What do you guys think?  I’m overall pleased with the items in this season’s box and I definitely think that the picks were great products for Spring and the transition into Summer.  If I had to pick a favorite, I think I’d go with the earbuds.  This may be the first time that I’m happier with one of the regular items over the actual hero product!  I think once I go out with the bucket bag and perhaps add a colorful tassel to one of the straps (it’ll make it a lot more festival-ey!  This is not a word, I realize this haha ;_;), I’ll fall in love with it a little more.



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