SCRATCH MMB: April 2016

Long Story Short: I am terrible at nail art and I am too impatient to do fancy gel manicures on myself.  So…I cheat.  I bake on a thin layer of clear gel (top and bottom coat) and then I apply nail wraps over them.  This process lasts significantly longer then if I were to apply the wrap over my natural nails and it’s cheaper/faster/more foolproof then the whole gel process that I go through.  I apply a regular top coat over the wrap and I’m done!  It mostly lasts about 2 weeks, even after being a little rough on my digits.

This all leads to….*drumroll*….the Scratch Monthly Mani Box!  YAY $10 a month and you get your pick of nail wraps, a bottle of fun polish, and a nail extra.  I’ve tried Scratch wraps before (I ordered straight from the shop) and I rather liked them–of the sticker-type wraps that I tried, these applied the easiest and the most evenly.  They were kind of thin but it made it EXTREMELY easy to file off the excess from the nail tips.  The other thing is that the sizes are rather big for my nails but the thinness makes it easy to pinch the excess off from the sides/bottom–I use an orange-wood stick to gently scrape it off and it works great.



Of April’s offerings, I picked ‘Thunder.’  I typically like designs with more transparency but this one is pretty interesting!  It kind of reminds me of a comic-book background or something.  Because 10 fingers with the same pattern can be a bit too much, I think I’ll layer a few nails with this and a few with perhaps a dark grey?  Or if I’m feeling particularly brave, I’ll do a bright yellow accent nail.  (Probably not).

What do you guys think of the design this month?  It’s not my favorite but I like it because it’ll force myself to try something…out of my comfort box.  I’m not really loving the shockingly pink shade of the nail polish but it’ll get some use with my toes (and perhaps a different pattern wrap?).  If anything–I kind of wish the nail polish that they sent coordinated with the wrap that you picked, or if they sent you more nail-care items like top/base coats or strengtheners.  I feel like that makes the most sense…unless with this shade, they were going for a big contrast?  (Probably not, again).  I do like that brush though–it’s pretty fine and I’d probably use it as an accent striper?  (Probably not, my right hand would look terrible.)


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