July 2016 Birchbox: Morning Routine

I consider myself a morning person but I feel like it still takes me FOREVER to get ready in the AM hours…  Will this box help speed everything up?


Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 9.26.12 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-17 at 9.26.36 PM

YESSSSSS This box is great!  I’m sure that Oribe Shampoo and Conditioner is probably a foil packet sort of set but I LOVE Oribe things.  Everyone product that I’ve tried has made my hair feel AMAZING.

I’m also really excited about the They’re Real mascara (my sample choice) because I feel like this sample works really really really well for a few weeks (then it gets a little dried out and not so great).  My lashes are on point (while this product is still ‘fresh’).  This will be my second LOC product and my first lip product of theirs so I’m interested–the eyeshadow pencil they sent me a few boxes back is actually pretty awesome.  I use it routinely, not just on those days where I have no time so I smear something on my lids real quick.  The Dr. Jart+ moisturizer also seems promising–I have a new esthetician who’s encouraging me to moisturize more (and scrub less).  I’ve been layering my moisturizers (YES even in summer!) and it’s only been two days but my skin feels a lot less greasy.  Does that make sense?

I don’t always wear perfume but I’m curious about the CLEAN brand…I always see a set on Black Friday at Sephora but I always pick grabbing another Ole Henriksen set or another LivingProof Shampoo set instead.  For everyday things (especially going to work), I think I’d favor something more neutral and well….yeah, ‘clean’ smelling.  (Face Mask seems like it’d be cool.  I’m going to put mine in the fridge and paint it on with a brush after my next round of daytime shopping.  Ala Moana, the biggest mall in Hawaii, is also the world’s biggest open-air mall! 😀  Wear your sunscreen!)

Anything good this month?  YAY can’t wait to get my samples~~~



Adidas Avenue A: Summer 2016

I went off the deep-end, for Summer. In terms of adding new Subscription Boxes, that is. HAHA oh gosh. Its true, I get buyer’s remorse sometimes but the Avenue A box from Adidas definitely has NONE. Yes, it was THAT good.  ut, to be fair, I signed up because I already saw full spoilers on MySubscriptionAddiction.com.

There were two spoilers that convinced me to sign up (BTW this is a $150 subscription sent quarterly):  These really awesome and comfortable Edge Lux Bounce Running Shoes in this really fun blue color and this Fit Smart running watch.  I actually gave it to B who has been using it daily–he wishes it wasn’t white but he’s been using it daily.  It has a heart rate monitor and interacts with an app to give you workout coaching.  Back to the shoes–the tongue is part of the top fabric so it doesn’t slip and the toebox is very stretchy which makes them extremely comfortable for those with wider feet, like me.  These make great weekend errand shoes–stylish yet comfortable when you’re darting from place to place.



The other things in the box (YES there were other things) were amazing as well!  There was a pair of running shorts (the kind that comes with its own liner), a great lightweight running top (that I wore to Yoga), a headband (that I also wore to yoga) and a pair of slides that are not something I really wear.  I come from a slipper wearing culture (we wear slippers as our daily footwear –not the plastic flip-flop kind, we wear the leather-wrapped, ergonomic with arch support kind) and these would be out of place in Hawaii unless you were going to the pool to swim laps?  Or in a gym locker room?  Hmm.  These might get eBayed but I am digging the colors of the stripes and they do look rather comfortable.  Hmm decisions decisions.

Anyway, what’d you think?  I feel like $150 for two pairs of footwear, an exercise watch, and an entire workout wardrobe is a STEAL, especially since its quality stuff.  I’m definitely looking forward to Fall’s box!  The spoilers are on MSA already–there’s a pair of fun leggings and a pair of shoes that are commemorating the Boston Marathon.

Sephora Favorites Sun Safety Kit 2016

I always look forward to buying Sephora’s Sun Safety kit because A: SPF should be a part of EVERYONE’s regimens and B: Charity!  $20 of $35 from the sale of these kits go towards the Skin Cancer Foundation.  (But also secretly C: I am addicted to samples.)

The 2016 kits came out rather late this year (I think sometime in June) and I am also reviewing this even later–it’s already mid-July!


This year’s kit includes:

– 0.23 oz ALGENIST Sublime Defense Anti‐Aging Blurring Moisturizer SPF 30
– 0.35 oz BOSCIA B.B. Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 27 PA++
– 0.3 oz CLARINS UV Plus Anti‐Pollution SPF 50 Sunscreen
– 0.34 oz COOLA Makeup Setting Spray SPF30
– 0.17 oz DR. JART+ Premium Beauty Balm SPF 45
– 0.25 oz DR. DENNIS GROSS SKINCARE Dark Spot Sun Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen
– 0.7 oz FRESH® Sugar Rosé Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15
– 0.25 oz KATE SOMERVILLE Daily Deflector Moisturizer, Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ PA+++
– 0.25 oz MDSOLARSCIENCES Mineral Crème SPF 50
– 0.17 oz MURAD® Invisiblur™ Perfecting Shield Broad Spectrum SPF30 | PA+++
– 0.5 oz PETER THOMAS ROTH Max Sheer All Day Moisture Defense® Lotion SPF 30
– 0.6 oz SHISEIDO Ultimate Sun Protection Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ Water Resistant (80 Minutes) Sunscreen WetForce
– 1.69 oz ST. TROPEZ Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion
– 0.5 oz Supergoop!® Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50
– 0.23 oz Tarteguard 30 Sunscreen Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 30
– Beach bag

The first thing that I thought was oh thank goodness–the bag is actually cute and I’ll probably use it!  I tend to add the kit bags to my ‘give-to-sister’ pile but not this year because I like the color.  I kind of wish the bags didn’t have so much plastic on each side but I think it’ll still be useful for packing (summer vacay anyone?).

There are a few repeats from prior kits…some samples that are definitely welcomed (Clarins Fresh Murad WOOHOO) and some that I am tired of (Peter Thomas Roth I’m looking at you!).  The new ones are really interesting!  There’s that Tarteguard that seems to be in all sorts of SPF themed boxes this year and a MDsolarsciences creme that has a very high SPF.  I’m always stoked to get COOLA products, Kate Somerville, and Algenist in my sample kits so those are pluses.

The only product that I’m [already] slightly disappointed in is the Supergoop! Setting Mist.  It sounds AMAZING on paper but it never really performs for me (I bought it from Birchbox earlier this year).  It has a smell and I feel like the spray gets clogged a lot.  It also has a presence on my skin once applied, and I really dislike the feeling of it in my hair.  D:

Are you guys going to pick one up this year?  I feel like these last all summer (I also rotate with my regular SPFs) and if I have any left over, I layer them with thicker moisturizers into Fall.  Or if they get a little older, they make really great moisturizers for your hands.  YAY for multi-tasking!

PS: Here are 20132014, and 2015‘s kit reviews for reference.  Hope your summer is going great so far~


PopSugar Must Have Box: May 2016

Okay first.  I just have to say it.  I KNOW I KNOW I said I was done with PS FOREVER cross my heart…but they had an amazing deal a couple months ago and I couldn’t say no.  I KNOW.

Perhaps blogging about it is a way to make me feel less guilty about giving in…(but I’m actually really glad I did!  I’m quite pleased with PS’s May box).  AND YES I realize how late this is (Hello, July!) but I’ll blog all about that in a separate post.


This month’s themes centered around fitness, relaxation, and health, hydration, yoga, and deep breaths.

  1. Bluma Project – Capri Bracelets – Set of 2 ($44)
  2. Kocostar  – Foot Therapy ($10)
  3. Spongelle  – Sponglogy Bath Buffer ($20)
  4. Gaiam – Foldable Yoga Mat ($25)
  5. Happy Spritz – Breathe Deeply ($25)
  6. JimmyBar!  – Peanut Butter Clutter Clean Snack Bar ($2.50)
  7. Revlon – Volume + Length Magnified Mascara ($9 BONUS)
  8. Hint Kick – Caffeine Water ($1.70 BONUS)
  9. Half Hitch Goods  -$10 Gift Card (BONUS)

I know some people are tired of tassels but I love them!  The Capri bracelets are on a stretch cord and they’re absolutely adorable.  You can wear them separately but I really like wearing them together because the colors are so complimentary.

The foot therapy is an exfoliation foot treatment.  You put your feet in these plastic baggies and let them sit for a while, rinse, then your feet are SO soft.  I’ve tried the Japanese versions of these (which are more of a peel then just exfoliation) so I’m really interested, ESPECIALLY if these don’t peel.  The Japanese ones mean that I can’t go to yoga for about a week because…it’s just gross.

Speaking of yoga mats–I already have a travel one from Manduka–this Gaiam one folds instead of rolling it up.  I’m not sure if I’ll give it a try or gift it so that I can convince more people (perhaps B) to come to yoga with me…  The blue color is a PS exclusive!

Regarding the other items–the Sponge thing is interesting because it’s infused with body wash.  Its supposed to last at least 20 washes.  I used it for about two weeks and there were enough suds to get a good lather until maybe the very end.  This is a GREAT travel item!  I wish I heard of these earlier in my traveling career.  The spray is absolutely perfect for summer–it’s a peppermint scent that feels really cooling when the mist hits your skin (and is GREAT for spritzing yourself before and after yoga).  The JimmyBar is a great snack (but honestly it just tastes like any other peanut butter bar but I DO love that there’s no added sugar).

Last but not least–the Bonus Items.  I laughed when I saw the water–I got a lemon cayenne pepper flavor. Not sure how much I’ll like this flavor (maybe I can save it by adding in some lemonade) but I’ll give it a go.  The Revlon mascara is interesting (I’m a bit afraid of how well it’ll come off) and I’ve just checked out Half Hitch Goods–it’s a really cute website!  Lots of things ideal for gifting but the price point is a bit high for my preference.  Not sure if I’ll order anything or not.

Hope you guys have been doing well!  and BTW, its Aloha Friday so have a good one!  😀