PopSugar Must Have Box: May 2016

Okay first.  I just have to say it.  I KNOW I KNOW I said I was done with PS FOREVER cross my heart…but they had an amazing deal a couple months ago and I couldn’t say no.  I KNOW.

Perhaps blogging about it is a way to make me feel less guilty about giving in…(but I’m actually really glad I did!  I’m quite pleased with PS’s May box).  AND YES I realize how late this is (Hello, July!) but I’ll blog all about that in a separate post.


This month’s themes centered around fitness, relaxation, and health, hydration, yoga, and deep breaths.

  1. Bluma Project – Capri Bracelets – Set of 2 ($44)
  2. Kocostar  – Foot Therapy ($10)
  3. Spongelle  – Sponglogy Bath Buffer ($20)
  4. Gaiam – Foldable Yoga Mat ($25)
  5. Happy Spritz – Breathe Deeply ($25)
  6. JimmyBar!  – Peanut Butter Clutter Clean Snack Bar ($2.50)
  7. Revlon – Volume + Length Magnified Mascara ($9 BONUS)
  8. Hint Kick – Caffeine Water ($1.70 BONUS)
  9. Half Hitch Goods  -$10 Gift Card (BONUS)

I know some people are tired of tassels but I love them!  The Capri bracelets are on a stretch cord and they’re absolutely adorable.  You can wear them separately but I really like wearing them together because the colors are so complimentary.

The foot therapy is an exfoliation foot treatment.  You put your feet in these plastic baggies and let them sit for a while, rinse, then your feet are SO soft.  I’ve tried the Japanese versions of these (which are more of a peel then just exfoliation) so I’m really interested, ESPECIALLY if these don’t peel.  The Japanese ones mean that I can’t go to yoga for about a week because…it’s just gross.

Speaking of yoga mats–I already have a travel one from Manduka–this Gaiam one folds instead of rolling it up.  I’m not sure if I’ll give it a try or gift it so that I can convince more people (perhaps B) to come to yoga with me…  The blue color is a PS exclusive!

Regarding the other items–the Sponge thing is interesting because it’s infused with body wash.  Its supposed to last at least 20 washes.  I used it for about two weeks and there were enough suds to get a good lather until maybe the very end.  This is a GREAT travel item!  I wish I heard of these earlier in my traveling career.  The spray is absolutely perfect for summer–it’s a peppermint scent that feels really cooling when the mist hits your skin (and is GREAT for spritzing yourself before and after yoga).  The JimmyBar is a great snack (but honestly it just tastes like any other peanut butter bar but I DO love that there’s no added sugar).

Last but not least–the Bonus Items.  I laughed when I saw the water–I got a lemon cayenne pepper flavor. Not sure how much I’ll like this flavor (maybe I can save it by adding in some lemonade) but I’ll give it a go.  The Revlon mascara is interesting (I’m a bit afraid of how well it’ll come off) and I’ve just checked out Half Hitch Goods–it’s a really cute website!  Lots of things ideal for gifting but the price point is a bit high for my preference.  Not sure if I’ll order anything or not.

Hope you guys have been doing well!  and BTW, its Aloha Friday so have a good one!  😀


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