Rachel Zoe, Box of Style: Summer 2016

Two Things:
2. I was so excited that I just snapped away in my slightly dim house as soon as I came home and ripped open the box so these are all slightly blurry cell phone pictures.

But YES the RZ Box of Style for Summer 2016 is here and it looks like this:



More details on the weird fuzzy thing in a bit.

First off, we have our hero item and one of the major spoilers: The Luv AJ lariat necklace + matching ring and the Michael Stars Coverup in Pastel Garden. Honestly honestly honestly, I…did not care for either of these. This is a first for me! I’m in shock because I typically genuinely LOVE the Hero Item (and typically the spoiler items).  [I am cringing as I write this because I want to love them but I can’t.] I feel like the necklace is fun and trendy but I don’t know…its just not for me.  I feel like the design would snag on clothing but I do admit that I feel like it would be cute if you wore it backwards–with a fun, low-backed top or dress.  This is going to my re-gift pile or to eBay, I haven’t decided yet.  The Coverup, on the otherhand, is definitely going to eBay.  The name was misleading to me (Pastel Gardens?  It’s so bright!) and while I do agree that it’s a very bold and handy thing to have at the beach (especially if you belt it in the middle, I think it’d be really cute), it’s not my style either.

The other items:

  1. SUNGLASSES: The shape is different then what I usually wear but I like the tortoiseshell frames and that they’ve got nosepads instead of regular-plastic-fit sunnies.  However, its the lenses that I can’t get used to.  They’re tinted in a brown shade so I feel like I’m looking at the world through a really bad Instagram filter.  I thought I would get used to it but they give me a really bad headache while driving–I think these will become a freebie for my sister.
  2. OUAI WAVE SPRAY: YES I love this!  It is true that subscription people have enough beachy hair products to last at least four lifetimes but this product is definitely in the top tier of the pile.  It has a really pleasant scent (its kind of like a perfume) and I don’t feel a tackiness or a heaviness that comes with the cool, undone look.
  3. DREAM TURBAN: This is the “fashion saver item.”  It’s interesting!  It’s made of a weird fuzzy microfiber that’s kind of shaped like a really long (width-wise) shower-cap material that has a button on one side and an elastic loop on the other.  You put the button-side on your head (button by the nape of your neck) and then twist your hair up inside of the fabric like a turban.  You secure it by wrapping the little loop around the button.  Its supposed to drastically cut the time you spend drying your hair.  I typically airdry my hair (yes, its true!) so I’ve been using this when I have a late-night workout and there isn’t much time between taking a shower and going to sleep.  I have felt a difference!
  4. JUICE BEAUTY MOISTURIZER: Sorry, forgot to take a closeup of the product.  I’ve had a relatively good experience with Juice Beauty products–I feel like they’ve got a very interesting smell.  Sometimes its pleasant and sometimes, its kind of off-putting.  Thankfully, the moisturizer fits into the pleasant category, in my opinion.  Wish the SPF was a bit higher but it works well for wearing to work where I get 0 sun.  Yes, 0.  😦


All in all, this wasn’t my favorite RZ box and to tell you the truth, it was probably my least favorite.  (I’ve already got plans to give away or sell nearly half the box.)  I haven’t lost my faith in the subscription and am still a loyal Box of Style devotee…but let’s put Summer behind us and look forward to Fall, shall we?  😀


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