The Happenings: August 2016

I guess the biggest thing is that…I changed jobs (hence my artsy train station picture that I took during my LAST WORK TRIP ever for a while).

P.S. This’ll be a lot of ranting.


My old job required too much travel for me and it was stressing me out.  There was an opening with a different team (same department) and I applied!  I’ll miss Japan but I won’t miss going to Japan every or every-other-month, for work, for two weeks straight.  I used to view my travel-pro-ness and my constant presence in Tokyo as a badge of pride so even though I knew what I wanted, it was hard to push the ‘accept’ button but so far, it’s been AMAZING (and different) being in one place for two months straight!  Its crazy.  But at the same time, since I’m home more, things like my smoking neighbor tend to drive me WAY more crazy than they did before because I don’t ever get to escape it.  #okayrantdone.

Okay happier things: I’m learning how to weave!


I got my loom from Etsy.  I thought it be would be fun but it’s REALLY relaxing!  I turn on the A/C, play some girly movie, and I weave pretty colors back and forth.  I plan on making something big to hang over the headboard in our master bedroom.  And maybe something for a friend who’s pregnant to hang in her nursery?

Other things:

  • Happy Admissions Day, Hawaii!  The Made in Hawaii Festival is this weekend at the Blaisdell, for all of you Hawaii people or those lucky enough to be here right now!  I went today and it was CRAZY busy but it was good!  My favorite vendors are the Wedding Cafe (Pineapple Iced Tea, omg amazing), Hawaiian Sea Salt from Kauai, and Jana Lam.
  • THIS is Jana Lam’s work.  I absolutely LOVE her prints because they are so colorful!  She’s been pretty popular in our local scene lately–I even saw her clutches in our local Nordstrom.


  • Are you all Poshmark users?  They take more than eBay in terms of selling fees but I feel like it’s easier overall, especially to ship.  If you are, hit me up @amae22x!  Wordpress doesn’t seem to like the Closet Widget but I’ll probably sell all the leather boots that I love (but don’t fit *SIGH*) and the leather jackets that I buy (but won’t ever wear).  I’ve already bought myself a Spiritual Gangster shirt that I’ve been searching for FOREVER.
  • Also, I don’t want to be that girl but GOSH it’s already the middle of August which means September is coming…then we’ll be busy in October and November and then BAM Christmas.  I feel like the person who says its ‘Almost Friday’, on a Monday.  Or in this case, its more like Wednesday afternoon, right?

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