Scratch MMB – September 2016

YES Scratch’s Monthly Mani Box is back!  It’s now being curated by Nina of NinaNailedIt.  I absolutely LOVE this month’s design–it’s very similar to my current favorite wrap design:


Roppongi Glam by Brittney TOKYO ($10)

I love the MMB packaging–it’s this really beautiful, eyecatching gold that is an AMAZING thing to receive in the mail.  Doesn’t it make you happy, just looking at it?  (This is the the same packaging that MMB was using before).


I’m currently wearing Tessellated right now!

Since this is the first box that Nina’s curating, MMB included this handwritten note from Nina herself.  I saw a clip of her application on youtube–honestly, I totally recommend watching it.  I feel like I’ve been applying my wraps wrong this WHOLE TIME.  The bonus item was a set of 4 little golden triangles.  You’ll need nail glue to make these stick (OR if you have a gel kit, these work GREAT with gel nails).


Woohoo!  Clear nail designs are my favorite because they’re a little more forgiving with application and wear.

Next month’s pattern isn’t clear but I’m glad they send out spoilers!  I absolutely LOVE spoilers.  I feel like the October pattern is perfect–I’ve been seeing florals EVERYWHERE lately (especially on bomber jackets).  I also rather like that these aren’t seasonal or related to a holiday–those kinds of patterns are fun but I’m not sure if I’d want to wear it for two weeks.


What’d you guys think? This is one of my favorite subscriptions–its so versatile and I always get compliments at work whenever I apply a new set.


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