September 2016 Birchbox: Go Forth and Multitask

Go Forth and Multitask!  Just from the title, I was expecting those products like…an eyeshadow that doubles as a highlighter or a creme lip product that can also be used as a blush. (But time-saving things are good too.  ;])

Also–are you guys saving your boxes?  I tend to save mine and give gifts in them because you don’t even need wrapping paper!  Just a little twine or ribbon and you’re good to go.


First things first: That Milk Mascara!  I feel like for the past couple months, Milk products have been pushed at us more and more.  Look at that brush!  I love it already.  One of my Makeup Is Forever mascaras has a brush (not as fun at this one but) with a tapered end and it makes my inner and outer lashes look AMAZING.  The tube reminds me of the Eyeko mascara–I think I’m forever going to have product regret for giving it away while I had extensions.  I’ve heard so many people talk about it!

Other items of interest: The Unwash Bio-Cleanser which is a replacement for shampoo and conditioner.  Not sure if this’ll work very well for me because I have thinner hair–I have a feeling this will make me feel a little greasy.  I AM stoked to get that Bioderma micellar solution because these things are great and Bioderma is supposed to be one of the better ones!  Woohoo!

I’m definitely looking forward to that Oribe body wash cause c’mon, it’s Oribe.  The Lemon Rinse seems like it’ll work alright for me–I have the leave-in conditioner and it works great for days that I don’t want to put any heavier creams in my hair (the consistency is kind of liquidy).  I’m wary of the LOC pencil because the colors tend to be very very very bright and I’m a scaredy cat who prefers nudes and pinks.

Did you guys get anything fun in September?




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