An Honest take on Poshmark (1)

INTRO I don’t think I’ve ever really blogged about Poshmark before, just mentioned it a few times.  Now that I’ve been on it for a few months, I feel like I’ve got to catalog my experiences and share it because when I first started, all I heard was butterflies and rainbows about this app–for all you new potential Poshers, here’s some of my (honest) thoughts.


Poshmark Mobile Homepage



I used to sell primarily on eBay but I transitioned to Poshmark because I had some large/heavy items that I wanted to sell (and I didn’t think a buyer would want to pay for a large, flat rate USPS box).  I first fell in love with Poshmark because of this fact, alone!  (Laziness [or can I call it convenience] sounds like a terrible reason but it made my life so much easier)  I ordered a set of free boxes from USPS (online website) and whenever I make a sale, I wrap it nicely in tissue paper, write a small note, and then package it in a regular mailing box (FREE) with lots of tape.  Buyers spend $5.95 for shipping which is priced for a 5lb Priority Mail box.  Honestly, I feel like I ship a lot of lightweight items (that probably would have cost me $5 or less to ship) but wrapping it up prettily and slapping a label on is a lot less work (and its more fun) than weighing said box and figuring out packaging on your own.


In every community, there’s a bunch of bad apples.  That’s a given.  But in the Poshmark case, I feel like their PM doesn’t do enough to protect sellers from said bad apples.  Poshmark operates somewhat similar to eBay in terms of ‘not as described/damaged’ item cases, however I feel like Poshmark is heavily on the Buyer’s side.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing (I’m a buyer too) but what has been happening to many people is that an item is sold, the buyer gets buyer’s remorse/USES the item and then files a complaint and it says it wasn’t as described/was damaged.  Even if as a Seller, you have pictures and text describing the extent of the usage in your listing (or it could even be a NWT item!), Poshmark will either:

A: Let the seller keep the item AND refund both seller and buyer  (full or partial refund)
B: The seller ships the item back to you AND buyer is refunded

The problem with B is that there’s no guarantee (or protection for the seller) when the Buyers ship things back in a condition totally not what was mailed to them in the first place.  People who wear them once to an event and then try to get their money back, people who intentionally destroy items they purchased out of remorse, people who ship you back an item totally different than what you sold them in the first place….  Poshmark doesn’t seem to be helpful past this point, and they are notoriously slow which can be very stressful when it feels like you’ve lost out on both your item and your earnings.

Paypal is my backup source of payment–I’ve never had to escalate my issues all the way past Poshmark PM (yet, *I’m knocking on wood*), but I wonder if they would help in this event?  Note on this: Poshmark guidelines are to go through the app/PM for all mediation.  I also haven’t had the case in which items were damaged in transit–the Priority Mail method allows for insurance (up to $50) so hopefully, Poshmark takes the loss for us?


In terms of questions, I try to answer as many questions as possible (even if that person doesn’t purchase my items).  I’ve read a bunch of dislike regarding this type of inquiries (I agree, they honestly can be kind of a hassle) because things like measurements and modeling are truthfully helpful pieces of info that can make or break how much you want to buy an item.  On the flip-side, I’ve been hunting down a leather jacket that is the ONE–I found a bunch of candidates on Posh that have been gently used but no one wants to double-check the dimensions for me!  Oh well.  I did my best to compare it with info I find on the manufacturer’s website but I feel like there’s too much uncertainty for me to gamble on a used (no returns) purchase.  I’ll just save my money and buy things like this new.  A girlfriend that also Poshes says that the key is to already know your size for these sort of items, acknowledging that buying used is always a gamble.

The other side of questions are Poshers who ask you to conduct business off the app (which will save you money but will backfire on you later, DON’T DO IT ITS NOT WORTH IT) and those who send you the lowest offers ever.  If something was worth $100 and I’m selling it for $60, used once, there’s no way I would ever accept $10 for an item (you’d actually only make $7 something, after Posh fees).

The third type of questions/comments isn’t something I’ve experienced myself, but I’ve seen defensive comments, lots of arguing, and some flat out, non-warranted hateful comments about everything from firm prices, closet offerings, and offers.  If you don’t like something about it, just don’t buy it, right?  All this negativity leaves me with such a bad taste in my mouth.  D:

CLOSING STATEMENT Overall, I feel like Posh is like…a two-faced purse.  The outside is shiny, HARD TO FIND, EUC, something you’ve been dying to find, and the lining has been smeared in the mud, has holes, and reeks of cigarette smoke.  I haven’t made as much as other people I know (my haul has been about $600 but I read a super helpful Posh review about a girl who made $3k WOW) but I feel like it’s been a great way to rid my closet (Mari Kondo style) and still make a bit back from the things I’ve accumulated over the years.  I’ve also found some no-longer-made, unicorn items that I’ve loved for a while and could never find on eBay.  On the flip side, as with all online things, you’ll come into conflict at least several times during your Poshmark Closet residence (and you might not get the support you’d expect).

Do you have any positive or negative Poshmark experiences to share?   Lmk in the comments~


Scratch MMK – October 2016

I don’t think I caught this last month–the Monthly Mani is a KIT not a BOX.  Hence, MMK not MMB.  Oops!

October’s kit arrived–I LOVE IT.  I also need to take my pictures in better lighting.


The design is pink and red flowers (roses?) on a light grey background.  I love that the pattern is positioned/designed in a way that even if you keep your nails shorter (like me), you’ll still get the majority of the floral pattern.  I kind of wish I could grow my tips to the full length of a nail wrap because I adore the idea of flowers on the very ends!  But then my nails would be WAY too long to type and do yoga with.  Oh well.

The bonus items in this box are tiny tiny tiny little gold ‘pearls.’  They’re miniscule little spheres that lie flat on your nail beds.  To pick them up (since they extremely little), Scratch included a wax pencil, a sharpener, and a little plastic tray to pour the gold bead-things in.  I LOVE these nail extras but I am terrible about making them stay on.  I only have luck with them when doing gel nails because their baked into the gel and then sealed in with a hard gel top-coat.  To use this with regular nail polish, I assume I’ll have to use…nail glue?  Does nail glue removed with regular acetone as well?

I can’t wait until next month’s box!  No spoiler yet.  Month 1 was geometric, Month 2 was floral.  For Month 3, I wouldn’t mind seeing another clear design (I feel like these wear the best because the frayed tips blend in).  Currently, I’m wearing the old lazy panda design.  I didn’t top-coat them very well so it kind of looks like panda mosaics on my nails.  All piece-y.  OH WELL.

Adidas Avenue A: Fall 2016

The Avenue A box is $150 a quarter–this makes it $50 more a quarter than my Sub Box staple (the Box of Style)–but it is AMAZING.  I fall into the category of people who LOVE athletic clothing and I’m a big fan of the Avenue A presentation.  The goods come in these really cool printed cardboard packaging that’s really versatile to use around the house/in your closet/at work to sort things, etc.


The box typically consists of these sorts of items:

  1. Workout Outfit — YES a complete outfit!  The pieces differ depending on the other items in the box but there’s usually a top/bottom.
  2. Workout Extra — Something special that goes with said workout outfit .  Depending on the outfit, there can be more/less items in this category.
  3. SHOES — There is always always always a pair of running shoes.

The double-edged sword aspect of this box is that YES there is always a pair of shoes (and I do forsee us all starting to toe the line of how many athletic shoes does one girl need?).  If I don’t dig the pattern too much, I sell them on Poshmark.  Currently, I use my first pair to run outside and I keep my second pair clean to exercise in the house.

But anyway–this is what was in the Avenue A Fall Box.


OUTFIT: Supernova Workout Bra + Leggings, Performer Tank.  An entire outfit!  The bra is strappy and designed for high-impact activities (it also works well for yoga) and the pattern really pops when layered under the black performer tank (not pictured).  THANK YOU ADIDAS for making a bra with the padding sewed in!  That’s one of my love-hate things about Lululemon bras.  I love the option of removal but everytime you wash it and you have to readjust the little pads (or you lose one), it’s such.adfjklajf;ajf;a–sorry.  That’s my laziness talking.   Back to the leggings– like the reflective details and all the special things like mesh on the calves, the pocket which is GREAT for when you take your dog sprinting and all you need is your house key…


OUTFIT: ZNE Hoody.  I guess this could be considered the ‘extra’ since this box included an ENTIRE OUTFIT (yeah!) but to me, it’s more of a hero item.  This is a GORGEOUS white hoodie that has a bit of a dolman cut to the sleeves–it’s fitter in the lower half.  The material makes it the perfect amount of warm for Fall and I really like the feel and texture.  If anything, this jacket is made for taller people–I’m 5’2″ and it bunched a little too much because the torso is longer (and the fit is kind of dolman-like).  Because of the fit and the fact that I live in Hawaii which is always warm (aka we can get a little sweaty/sticky at times and this jacket is WHITE), I sold it on Poshmark.  AHHH if it was black, I would have kept it FOREVER.


SHOES: Adizero Boston Sneaker.  From what I read on past spoilers/comments, this shoe was intended to commemorate the Boston Marathon.  It’s a REALLY comfortable shoe–extremely lightweight and flexible.  I use mine to workout in my house but I think I’ll upgrade it to sprint duty later because they’re really that comfortable.  I like that the sole is made of Continental Tires?  Isn’t that pretty neat?  (I used to own a really nifty pair of leather Adidas sneakers that had Goodyear soles.  Man, I loved those shoes)



What’d you guys think?  I’m in the process of purging old stuff in my closet that has lost its stretch over the years, I’ve loved to death, or has slowly been pushed to the back of my closet (this is what Poshmark is for).  I love that the Avenue A box helps me fill-in-the-blanks!  I hope that they send a pair of long leggings for Winter’s box.  I’ll selfishly (and boringly) wish for them in black.

October 2016 Birchbox: Revive and Restore

IT IS OFFICIALLY FALL!  I’ll still be in summer clothing for a month more but my mind is ready for sweaters and boots.  I never really thought of October as a settle down and chill kind of month (I guess I automatically think about Halloween instead) but now that I think about it, settling down for a facial sounds like a really good idea.  Thanks, Birchbox.


Alrighties!  Do you guys like the box pattern this month?  It’s very fall (to me) but I’m not really digging the print–I think I’ll recycle it and use it in my Poshmark wrapping.  (GUYS I AM HOOKED ON POSHMARK)

This month, I picked the curated box.

  • This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray
  • Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo
  • Avene Hydrating Optimale Hydrating Cream RICH
  • GLAMGLOW POWERMUD Dual Cleanse Treatment
  • MAKE Silk Cream Lipstick

I’m really excited!  Oribe and GLAMGLOW are two of my favorite beauty brands.  MAKE is growing on me and the other two sound interesting enough that I’m really excited to try them.  That Deep Sleep Spray is supposedly able to help you go to sleep faster.  Interesting! I kind of feel like this is the first time in a while that the theme of the month actually reflected in the products that they sent us.

Hope you guys got something good!