Scratch MMK – October 2016

I don’t think I caught this last month–the Monthly Mani is a KIT not a BOX.  Hence, MMK not MMB.  Oops!

October’s kit arrived–I LOVE IT.  I also need to take my pictures in better lighting.


The design is pink and red flowers (roses?) on a light grey background.  I love that the pattern is positioned/designed in a way that even if you keep your nails shorter (like me), you’ll still get the majority of the floral pattern.  I kind of wish I could grow my tips to the full length of a nail wrap because I adore the idea of flowers on the very ends!  But then my nails would be WAY too long to type and do yoga with.  Oh well.

The bonus items in this box are tiny tiny tiny little gold ‘pearls.’  They’re miniscule little spheres that lie flat on your nail beds.  To pick them up (since they extremely little), Scratch included a wax pencil, a sharpener, and a little plastic tray to pour the gold bead-things in.  I LOVE these nail extras but I am terrible about making them stay on.  I only have luck with them when doing gel nails because their baked into the gel and then sealed in with a hard gel top-coat.  To use this with regular nail polish, I assume I’ll have to use…nail glue?  Does nail glue removed with regular acetone as well?

I can’t wait until next month’s box!  No spoiler yet.  Month 1 was geometric, Month 2 was floral.  For Month 3, I wouldn’t mind seeing another clear design (I feel like these wear the best because the frayed tips blend in).  Currently, I’m wearing the old lazy panda design.  I didn’t top-coat them very well so it kind of looks like panda mosaics on my nails.  All piece-y.  OH WELL.


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