An Honest Take on Poshmark (2)

More adventures and more drama!  Sometimes, I talk to B about all of this and he likes to remind me that all of these woes that I experience are part of the risk of doing ANYTHING online–this applies towards both buyers AND sellers.  We all do our best (well, most of us, I hope to believe) and it all comes down to communication, right?

Previous topics (1-3) are covered in An Honest Take on Poshmark (1).  P.S. this is kind of long so it’s under the cut:

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Sisley Paris: November 2016

Yes, if you haven’t heard by now, Sisley Paris does a subscription box.  I count myself in the category of people who will never ever ever EVER have a reason to buy a $700+ skincare item…but it’s always fun to try them, right?  Sisley Paris sends out a set of samples each month ($10 a month!!!  Honestly, this is 100% more fun than Birchbox).  I don’t think these items are ‘customized’ per subscriber and I haven’t seen an option to pick certain items but gosh, this is one of the most fun boxes I’ve gotten because these products have a following for a reason.  I’m a bit afraid to find my ‘unicorn’ product–you know, the one that you fall in love with and then you realize, DANG IT it costs 500 bucks.  Oh well.  (Or Oh well, I get Nordstrom points?  SO BAD.)

A note: The sample sizes may look a bit tiny but when you compare how much the full product is (and then calculate the cost of the sample), it’s not bad!  I get the same feeling as when I try on a ridiculously priced (and ridiculously looking) pair of designer shoes at Nordstrom Rack.  Liz from MySubscriptionAddiction calculated the price of a tiny tube of night cream out as $28 because the full-size was $795.  WOW.  I got a week’s worth of moisturizing from that one itty bitty item.

This is what we got this month:


MAKEUP!!!  I didn’t know this box sent makeup and I’m stoked that it’s a mascara because as you guys know, this is my absolutely favorite kind of product to use.    Don’t doubt that little foil packet–a little goes a long way.  I was able to get a little over 2 uses from last month’s packet.

And for the fun part,

  • Express Flower Gel – $140
  • Instant Perfect – $72
  • So Intense Mascara – $67
  • Phytobuste + Decollete – $285
  • Eau du Soir Body Cream  – $130

Sisley says the price of these samples is a $110 value.  You bet I’ll be cutting the tubes open for every last drop.

Next month’s spoiler theme is up already on their website!  It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas…