An Honest Take on Poshmark (2)

More adventures and more drama!  Sometimes, I talk to B about all of this and he likes to remind me that all of these woes that I experience are part of the risk of doing ANYTHING online–this applies towards both buyers AND sellers.  We all do our best (well, most of us, I hope to believe) and it all comes down to communication, right?

Previous topics (1-3) are covered in An Honest Take on Poshmark (1).  P.S. this is kind of long so it’s under the cut:

(4) Item Damaged

This recently just happened to me–I shipped something to my buyer and it broke on the way there.  This is straight-up disappointing for all sides.  The buyer properly documented this through Poshmark (app or email) and it got sent back to me (once it arrived, her payment was released back to her).  Since it broke on the way there, the issue is now in my court to document this also through Poshmark to invoke the Priority Mail Insurance.  All of this is done under the Sale Info screen–there’s a dropdown called Problems/ Order Inquiry.  In the end, Poshmark said they couldn’t tell and they ended up reimbursing me for the cost that I sold my item for.  I can see how it’s hard for them to take sides and figure out what happened (especially after all sorts of incidents that I read about when researching for my first post).  I felt so terrible for my buyer–we talked about it in the comments section of the item and I’m glad that there was no hard feelings on either side.  I feel like it would have been only too easy for one of us to start accusing the other of all sorts of things.  Which leads me to…

(5) Item not as described vs. Buyer Remorse

…communication, again!  I just got two stars (out of five) from a buyer because she said she didn’t like an item that she received when I feel that I documented the condition accurately.  I’m sorry that she didn’t like the item–even though I feel like I told it how it was (and priced it accordingly), I think I have room for improvement (more on this in a bit).

If a buyer really hates an item and claims a difference in condition, they can technically dispute it in an ‘Item not as described’ claim via Poshmark.  This also tells me that I really have to step up my game in descriptions–Poshmark (and eBay, heck any online selling platform) is a game of documentation.  The only things that can protect you are what you type when you first upload the item to sell…AND if the buyer asks you any questions!  Better make it really good!  I plan on using my DSLR to shoot pictures (especially close-ups of damage and wear) because although I feel like my cellphone pics are clear enough to show what I’m trying to display, the DSLR pics will be SO CLEAR that there won’t be any room for error.  I’m also going to avoid listing ANYTHING that has the possibility of having conflict later–something that even if documented properly could still open the door of dispute later on (I’m thinking something like used running shoes, idk why).  It’s not worth the hassle to me.  I typically use the phrase, “shows typical wear from everyday using and regular washing” if the item is in good, used condition but I’m wondering if this isn’t good enough.

In my case, the buyer chose to accept the item instead, before letting me know her thoughts on the item.  Once an item is accepted, the funds transfer to the seller and its all sales final.

What I don’t know about is partial refunds–when you sell on eBay, this is an option.  For example, if you sell an item and there was something you honestly didn’t see (like a small hole)–you can choose to refund a portion of the item to the buyer if you work it out with each other via eBay messaging.  I wonder if this is an option with Poshmark (except it all be documented in the Poshmark app)?

(6) Exchanges

A third thing that happened to me (can you believe this all happened in the same month?) was that I purchased an item and the seller accidentally sent me the wrong color.  I let her know in advance (she felt terrible but I totally understand how it is, it’s alright) and to fix this, I initiated an ‘Item not as described’ claim through Poshmark.  This is a first for both of us so this is how the process works–after the case is approved (but on the buyer’s side, it’ll still say under review), the seller will get a label to ship the correct item back to the buyer.  Once the buyer gets the item, I’m assuming a label will arrive to ship the incorrect item back to the seller.  I believe the seller’s money will get released when I receive the correct item and I accept the purchase.  If I were the seller, I’d feel a bit nervous because the buyer holds both items–but after my experience with item (4), I’m sure Poshmark will protect her in the event that I don’t ship the wrong one back (of course I would) or if I damaged the item (or WORE IT, but I would never).

CLOSING STATEMENT (2) GOSH drama!  Sometimes, I wish there was a bigger disclaimer about how we are moving around items that are used and are from total strangers–this is the risk that we are choosing to undertake when we are looking for deals and hard to find items through marketplace sites, and trying to sell things too!  Overall, the assistance from Poshmark itself has been more helpful (as both buyer and seller) than I initially hoped.  As expected, I’m still experiencing really great things and some pretty negative ones, but again, I feel like this is part of the risk that I assume when I chose to sell my things online.

The moral of these stories are to document, document, document!  Be nice to each other.  And to talk it out in unhappy situations because there’s a high chance that whatever happened wasn’t by intention.

Let’s end on a happier note–one of my girlfriends is on Posh, also.  She had a favorite shirt that she lost in a move during high school, [many but not that many haha] years ago.  She forgot about it until she started Poshing and was able to find the same design!   It was in better condition then the one she lost, and in her current size!  She was so happy when she told me that story, I was so excited for her.  TheEnd.



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