November and December Birchbox 2016

Sorry guys–I’ve haven’t been keeping up with my Birchboxes.  I’ve picked the curated box for the past two months –November (The Finishing Touch) and December (Shine On)–so there haven’t been any surprises.  These might be the last two I ever receive!  I won’t be renewing my annual subscription.  I’ll miss the fun little boxes (I mean the box itself) every month but the majority of my BBs have felt rather blah and unexciting.  The shipping also took FOREVER–I feel like I would get a notice about mailing and then it would take maybe a month or more before I received any items.  Free, quick shipping for ACEs?  Maybe last year it was okay but this year, idk (this is for ALL orders–the box, the add-ons, and/or a regular order with full-size items).  Gosh, this feels so weird because I’ve been subscribing for 5 years!

November’s box was interesting because it included the ‘They’re Real’ mascara from Benefit (which is something I’ve received multiple times from Birchbox and is something that I actually really like).  I received a good, dependable black but I wish they sent out blue or brown just for something DIFFERENT.  The Juliette has a gun fragrance was just okay but I enjoyed receiving black eyeliner because I LOVE black eyeliner, the eye cream was just alright, and that smoothing balm was nice enough as a sample but nothing that I’d fall enough in love with to buy.


December’s box is actually really nice! I say ‘is’ because I probably won’t get mine in until the end of January…oh well.  Nothing out of the ballpark but yep, definitely nice.  There was a French shampoo and conditioner, a primer with SPF15, a face cream, and one of Birchbox’s own LOC shadow sticks.


I started to feel like my love of my Birchbox subscription started to fade once they nixed all of those mini little extras–I always felt that BB put some extra care in sending something to make the boxes pop with their theme of the month.  Once it was a cookie, another time it was a set of BB printed, travel-themed postcards…now, it kind of seems like most of their money went to making the actual box itself fancier.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved the fancy boxes (Rifle Paper Co, *swoon*) but it would have been nice to see the company invest more in higher-end and/or a larger variety of samples instead.  Fancy boxes once a quarter would have been okay.  I kind of miss receiving my regular, plain brown boxes cause they were the most reusable!

I also think that before, BB was all about discovery and trying new things.  For a while, I’d get totally new brands and old brands in new shades/products (which was really fun), but then it felt like they were trying to force us all to love Harvey Prince things.  The samples didn’t seem to match anyone’s profile anymore, and when the best thing in a box was a product that you’re already received at least three times, I think it’s time to step away.

Oh Birchbox.  I’ll miss you–it was really fun while it lasted.  Breakups are hard!  😦



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