Monday: Glitter Nail Polish Application (the correct way)

Mondays are the worst days.  No explanation needed.  To help brighten our mornings on this day that always tends to…suckidk, I’ll off-and-on start post a mood-lifter-quick random thing that’ll hopefully make you smile.  🙂

This one caught my eye because Christmas is ALMOST HERE OMG and after that is the New Year…which pretty much means lots and lots and lots of glitter.  Don’t you think so?  I know glitter has been very prominent in makeup lately, from everything from eye shadow to lipstick.  I’m not brave enough for those so I’ll probably stick to glitter nail polish.

While you drink your coffee this morning, check out this video from Kelli Marissa–she’s got an amazing way to apply glitter nail polish so that it actually looks like how it does in the bottle.  AMAZING!

Have a good day, everyone!


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