Monday: Japanese Curry (in an Instant Pot)

Have you guys ever heard of the Instant Pot?  It’s basically a pressure cooker that can also be a slow cooker with lots and lots of settings.  I’ve never really been a big fan of pressure cooking because it sounds rather…scary, but this Instant Pot thing has been AMAZING so far.  Guys, I cooked Shoyu Chicken (it’s a local dish–chicken cooked in soy sauce) in 15 minutes…with FROZEN CHICKEN.  Since then, I’ve been on an instant pot roll.  I’ve made cheesecake, kalua pork, lemon chicken….but my favorite thing that I’ve made recently was Japanese Chicken Curry.  (This isn’t chicken cutlet [fried]–it’s almost like the stewed chicken that you get from Curry House)

SO EASY and SO QUICK.  In all fairness, it does take a while for the instant pot to heat up (aka the countdown timer doesn’t actually tick down until it gets to temperature), but I love that it’s only in one pot and I can pretty much start cleaning up while it’s cooking!  I don’t have to do a thing!  If you come across any amazing instant pot recipes, please feel free to share.

On subscription news:   I thought I was going to be getting rid of some subscription boxes this year but I was terrible and I ended up keeping most of them.  I got my Spring 2017 Avenue A box in the mail the other day and it was AWESOME.  I got a super cool pair of shoes, an entire workout outfit, and a bag (which is super cool but it’s white [not a fan] so I’m Poshmarking it).  My RZ Box of Style is coming in later this week!



The Happenings: April 2016

How have you guys been?  I am writing this at…5AM local time (Japan)–whenever I get here, I tend to wake up in the 4AM timeframe, no matter how late I go to sleep.  I am going to pretend that we’re at a nice cafe drinking coffee while I’m filling y’all in on the happenings–OH GOSH I just want some caffeine.

BUT ANYWAY I was also here last month–Okinawa though!  It takes about two hours to get there from mainland Japan (from Fukuoka, or three from Tokyo).  Coolest thing we saw while we were there was this HUGE aquarium (Okinawa Churami Aquarium) where there are WHALE SHARKS!  Osaka also has a whale shark but there were about 4 of them in this gigantic tank.  Do you see the little fishball making a slightly heart shape?  Awwww.

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 4.58.33 AM

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The Happenings: December 2015

How are you all doing?  This year has been non-stop runaway crazy busy for me and I’m ready for a vacation!  Haha, who am I kidding, it’s only February.  *sigh* I still have to catch up with all the stuff from December–I’m falling behind, as you can clearly see.

I can’t lie and say it hasn’t all been fun.  Let’s focus on the fun stuff!  First off, I went to Korea for the first time.  It was also the first time I experienced being ‘chilled to the bone.’  The funny but actually kind of sad story is that another team went out before us (to the same place) and they emailed back and said, ‘Hey!  The weather is perfect!  You don’t need your thermals, just light layering pieces will do.”  So that’s what we packed!  The first day it was exactly as described, the second day was pretty chilly…and on the third day, it snowed.  The fourth day, I had to buy a fur-lined hooded snowboarding jacket, and the fifth day, I…was done so we went home.  Being cold in Korea has it’s perks though–you can eat their extremely spicy (yet also extremely flavorful) all day long and your body will thank you for it!  Everything was red and delicious, I loved it.


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The Happenings: October 2015

So far, this month has been absolutely nuts. I’m typing this on my phone in my car because whenever I get near a computer (with a real, physical keyboard *sigh*), I feel like I have a bazillion things to do and I always forget to update. Let’s fix that!

First off, my Box of Style FINALLY came in. Y’all know this is my favorite subscription box but the shipping takes forever and a day (actually, more than a month to Hawaii. It takes the slow slow slow ship method vs airmail). I like both straps but I would have loved a nice, rich brown over both.


The casing doesn’t feel too large and even though I generally prefer lighter faces, it’s growing on me! The straps do feel a bit chalky (they are genuine) but they just need a bit breaking in.  It was really easy to switch the straps so I feel like I’d buy more, depending on the occasion/my mood.

K second–last weekend was a nice three-day-er! We didn’t have much time for relaxing but we did do the Hawaii Humane Society’s Pet Walk. It was ridiculous humid, Zuko got so excited that he pooped twice (once on the path haha gosh), but we had an amazing time! 


They even had puppy shave ice afterwards, but we had to be careful with how much he ate so he didn’t cool himself off too quickly.  There were a lot of other Shibas there and at 20lbs, my pup really is a tiny Sheeb.

And third, lastly, I’ve been in a nonstop Vietnamese food obsession.  I usually get the vermicelli with lemongrass chicken or tofu because there’s a wonderful layer of lettuce and other veggies under it. Obsessed!  This is my third time eating this this week.


For lunch, I get the lemongrass [protein] in a sandwich with extra veggies. They’re pickled daikon and carrots–its addicting!

Okay that’s it for now, ahhhhhhhhhh back into the stress of work. Hope you are all having a great week do far, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

How to cut a Mango (Properly)

Okay I won’t lie–I just barbarically ripped apart a mango with my bare hands.  I tried to cut it in half (yes, I know mangos have pits) in the method of de-pitting an avocado…but it didn’t really work.  HAHA (yes, you really should laugh), so I ended up peeling the skin off in strips and cutting whatever meat off, I could.  The whole time I was doing this, I couldn’t help but imagining all the local aunties rolling in their graves–seriously, how does this girl not know how to cut up a mango?

So I googled it and decided that I MUST share it with y’all.  You end up with BEAUTIFUL, neat, little cubes…that are so unlike the ripped up pieces of meat that I’m eating right now.

It’s mango season in Hawaii–I usually eat mine with breakfast, sprinkled with a little li-hing mui powder.  I’m really tempted to make mango bread or perhaps a mango smoothie?  AHH chilled mango.  Or maybe a mango syrup so I can make homemade shave ice?  Gosh, I’m so excited–anything chilled would be like GOLD in this heat.  And if it’s mango flavored, it’s an extra special bonus.