June 2016 Birchbox: Everyday Magic

Hi everyone!  Gosh, it’s been a while (guess where I am right now, I’ll give you bonus points if you can tell me the time.  HAHAHA).  My typical summer beauty item (Sephora’s Sun Safety Kit–it just became available online right now though, it’s $32!)  was a bit delayed this year but at least my monthly Birchbox is here (soon)!

The theme this month is Everyday Magic, for a ‘presto-chango’ payoff.  I think this is intended to revolve mostly around the featured sample pick of the month: Benefit’s gimme brow.  (This isn’t a new product, right?  I swear the brow gals apply it anytime I go to Benefit.)

But anyway anyway, this is what I got this month:

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 5.27.02 AMScreen Shot 2016-06-15 at 5.27.56 AM

What do you think?  Overall, I’m pretty happy!  I got the Benefit fiber gel in the medium color, which I’m wondering now if this was a mistake.  I typically don’t use this sort of product–How does one pick brow gel?  Based on skintone or hair color?  (Ahhhh oh well, I’ll live.)

The Marcelle BB Cream looks promising–I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting a TON of Marcelle products lately, which is fine by me!  I rather like them, and I’d hands-down rather have skincare then anymore Harvey Prince perfume samples.  In fairness to HP, they’re not…bad products, I just feel like I’m drowning in them.

I’ve never tried the Balance Me brand or Etat de Libre OR The Beauty Crop.  Interesting!  They all look like they’ll fit into my routine rather nicely.

What did you guys get?  What’s also interesting is that all these products (besides the perfume) are rather tried-and-true things.  All have over 10,000 reviews!  Dang, that’s impressive.

Also–check your emails, fellow BB subscribers.  BB has changed the way that they are giving out points.  I skimmed it right before typing all of this and I think I saw that we’re no longer going to be getting 10 points for every review (but you can do it for 5 products, one last time).  Also, we’ll be able to use all increments of points rather then in 100 point chunks.  Yay!  You can read about all this here.


May 2016 Birchbox: Out of Doors

OH BIRCHBOX, that was a good one.

Now, all jokes aside, this month’s theme is ‘Out of Doors’ which is for exactly as it sounds–outdoors with each box including some sort of SPF!

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 4.15.53 PM

This month, Birchbox sent me:

  • Vera Bradley – Vanilla Sea Salt Eau de Toilette
  • Goldfaden MD – Doctor’s Scrub
  • ModelCo – Lip Lacquer
  • Coola – Classic Face SPF 30 Cucumber Moisturizer
  • Parlor by Jeff Chastain – Moisturizing Sea Salt Spray

We’re still a bit…off (see confirmation of custom pick):

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 4.22.02 PM

…but I think I’ll survive.  Its funny, the incorrect Coola product is still the same from the weird men’s preview I got last week.

But anyway–I love that there’s a good exfoliator with this. I always feel like a gentle scrub (carefully, not right after sun exposure) really helps my skin turnover and I’m glad they sent me that Coola product–I’ve gone through three or four tubes since my time with Birchbox!

The meh products for me are the lip lacquer and the vanilla perfume.  Not excited.

BUT that sea salt spray–yes!  I like that it’s moisturizing–sometimes, I feel like salt sprays make my hair a little too dry and crunch (like being near the ocean, for real).  I want the texture, scent, and look without having to go there.

Did you guys get anything good this month?  Can’t wait for summer!  Hope BB sends some more SPF products–I wouldn’t mind a gentle tanning formula also.  My stomach is SO PALE compared to my arms and legs.  D:

May 2016 Birchbox: ??? [Men’s Box?]

I peek at my boxes every month and this month’s box has no title.  I think it was in the customization screens but I don’t remember–I do remember that the majority of the sample picks were sunscreens or peels.  Let’s go with that: Sunscreens and Peels.

My pick was the Coola Classic Face Sport SPF50 White Tea Sunscreen because Coola products are AMAZING!!!  They don’t smell like sunscreen (I’m looking at you, SuperGoop) and the texture isn’t sunscreen-like either.

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 10.39.41 PM.png

  • ICNY Twill Ball Cap
  • Baxter of California Herbal Mint Toner
  • Coola Classic SPF 50 for Face (???)
  • Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash
  • Balla for Men Powder

Okay what???  This must be wrong (the preview hasn’t been wrong before) because those are all men’s products.  Except maybe the Coola product because I guess that could be unisex.  Hmm.

  1. Twill Cap could be useful for the summer
  2. Mint Toner is a gentle toner that removes dirt and oil without overdrying
  3. Coola–thank goodness at least one Coola product but its not the one I asked for
  4. That Kiehl’s bottle says ‘For Men’ on it.  D:

Maybe this is the world’s/Birchbox’s way of telling me that I have too many skincare and makeup samples for myself and I have to take care of B‘s skin more.  *sigh*  Lucky him–if these were all women’s products (or at least products with unisex/neutral scents), I’d be stoked.  I’ll update if something else shows up at my doorstop but it seems unlikely. D:

April 2016 Birchbox: Effortlessly Elegant

RIFLE PAPER CO. YES!!!  This is one of those boxes that I’ll keep for something special.

This month’s theme is ‘Effortlessly Elegant’ and I went with the curated box this time–for both the box design (I’m in love) and the samples.  I was particularly interested in the Marcelle Micellar Water.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 9.19.41 PM

  • Laura Geller – New York Baked Blush-n-Brighten
  • TOCCA Crema de Mano – Hand Cream
  • Marcelle – 3-in-1 Micellar Solution
  • Dr. Jart+ – Contour Cream
  • PARLOR by Jeff Chestain – Volumizing Lifting Spray

I actually don’t care for TOCCA products at all–the scents are nice but they feel really greasy to me.  I noticed that they don’t seem to absorb nicely into my skin but all my office lady friends in Japan LOVE the TOCCA brand.  They have little collections of these tubes next to their keyboards.

My favorite thing to try will be the Marcelle Solution and the Contour Cream!  I’m really interested in what it’s supposed to do for your skin but I’ll have to figure out how to apply it correctly.

Did you guys get anything fun this month?  I’m pretty stoked, in general!  I’ll be saving the hand cream for a gift but the rest of these products will be fast-tracked to the top of my regimen for testing!  :3

March 2016 Birchbox: Ready for Anything

In truth, I am not ready for anything at all.  I’m tired and I want to do absolutely nothing.  UGH sorry–this is a sign that I either need a vacation or I need to go to yoga and just zen out.  WORK STRESS with all capital letters.

Flicking a happy switch now (don’t you wish those existed in real life?  Okay, maybe not, I think I’d get even more pissed off)–I’m rather liking this month’s box!

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 9.18.39 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-03 at 9.19.06 PM

Thoughts in no particular order:

Milk Makeup!  I feel like I just got an email from Urban Outfitters showcasing this brand.  I don’t know too much about it other then I think it’s foreign (I’m going to take a wild guess stab and say…Aussie? NVM I just googled it–it’s all made in the good ‘ol U.S. of A).  I’m rather glad it’s a lipcolor (stick)–I’ve been in a lip phase lately.  This is new for me!  I usually go into mascara or eyeliner binges but 2016 has been all about the lip.

A blowout spray sounds awfully handy.  Do you guys wash your hair every day or every other day?  I shoot for every other but in the summer, sometimes I have to do it more frequently.  You know what I’d really be excited to get in one of these boxes?  An exfoliating shampoo.  Not necessarily for dandruff but I figure, we exfoliate our face and bodies once a week (or twice, depending), why not exfoliate our scalp as well?  I’m imagining that it feels really nice, like a scalp massage.

Okay back on topic—AHH eye pads.  Depending on how long the flight is, sometimes I wear them on the night ones to help my skin with the dryness of the plane.  Yes, I have no shame at all. I fly too much PJDK:FJS:DJF WORKSTRESS


Surprisingly, I’m not too hyped up about the eyeshadow or the moisturizer.  Probably because I already know they’re going to be good?  I rather like Kiehl’s things (Ah ha! THEY SELL AN EXFOLIATING SHAMPOO) and I rather like Smashbox products in general.  I actually don’t think I’ve firsthand tried their shadows though.  Oh this will be a fun month, for beauty products, anyway.

Happy Aloha Friday, everyone!