Wishlist: Rifle Paper Co Phone Cases + Bridal Party Cards

I like pretty phone cases.  Really!  I feel like my phone is an extension of myself, at times, and if the rest of me has cool accessories, shouldn’t my phone have some also?  Enter: Rifle Paper Co. Phone cases.  These are GORGEOUS!  And don’t worry ladies—they’ve got both iPhone and us Android users covered.  Score!

Clear Lace

Hello Hello



New York


Hello Sunshine


I think these would make the coolest gifts ever.  Maybe matching ones for all of your bridesmaids?  🙂  And perhaps you could get matching Rifle Paper Bridal Party cards!  (Can you tell that I’m a big fan of Rifle Paper stationary?)



Adorable Heart Lollipops

Yes, yes.  I realize it’s still January.  And February (and Valentine’s Day!) is still a full 30+ days away….  But I stumbled upon these adorableeeeeee heart shaped lollipops from Bailey Ana Cakes and I just had to share!  I’m going to write a big note to myself to make these the weekend before Valentine’s Day.

And here’s the corresponding recipe, from BBC Good Food:


  • 500g granulated sugar
  • 1 tsp cream of tartar
  • 200ml water
  • 2 tsp peppermint essence
  • green food colouring
  • 40 plastic lollipop sticks, or wooden skewers cut into short lengths


  1. Put the sugar and cream of tartar into a saucepan with 200ml hot water. Gently heat until the sugar has completely melted, then increase the heat and boil until the mixture reaches the ‘hard crack’ stage on a sugar thermometer (or a small spoonful dropped into cold water sets hard). Remove from heat immediately and swirl in peppermint essence and enough green colouring to give a pale green colour – start by adding just one drop at a time.
  2. Cover a heatproof surface with baking parchment. Using a metal spoon, carefully pour some peppermint syrup onto the paper – roughly ½-1 tbsp per lolly. Push a lolly stick into each. If the syrup becomes too thick, just put the pan back over a gentle heat briefly. But if the syrup is too hot and runny, the shapes won’t be as even so set it aside for a minute. Set lollies until hard.
  3. To clean equipment after lollipop making drop everything back into the pan, fill with water and bring to the boil.

So cute!  I think I’m going to hunt around at local/organic food stores to see if I can make these….mango flavored with a dash of li hing powder!  I’ll still tint them pink though.

*Also, don’t you think that these would be perfect for a bridal shower or a wedding favor?   These would be awesome props to take pictures with as well.  😀


Statement Necklaces + Little Borrowed Dress

So, ladies and gents.  I am in a bit of a dilemma.  Our wedding color is green.  Almost like a bright, happy green (that’s not neon).  I imagine this would translate into a very unfriendly-colored bridesmaid dress.  Meh.

I am toying with the idea of pairing a neutral dress (aka something that can actually be worn again) with a very bright, interesting, statement necklace!

Maybe something like:

Statement Peridot Bib Necklace – Aerides Design

…paired with a bright sash?  Maybe.

Here’s something you could do if your color is yellow and your bridesmaids balk at the thought of a yellow dress:

Yellow Statement Necklace – AnnyJewelry


If your color is Tiffany Blue:

Mint Blue Stone and Gold Edge Statement Bib Necklace – LoveLikeStyle


And speaking of bridesmaid dresses, I recently discovered a really neat site called Little Borrowed Dress.  You can pay $50 to rent a really cute dress with the option to buy it if you really love it (for$150, total).    Maybe this would be helpful for brides with big wedding parties?  Then each of your bridesmaids can wear a different style of dress (to match their personalities) and it’ll be no sweat because they’ll all be the same color!  *whew*  (And did I mention they offer free swatches?)

Little Borrowed Dress


Little Borrowed Dress

Little Borrowed Dress



Wishlist: Stackable Rings

Every week, B and I attend Wedding Workshops put on by the Wedding Cafe.  We sit in a big room full of 100+ other brides and grooms and learn wedding tips!  At the last workshop, I met a really neat bride who wore all these tiny rings on her right hand. It was so neat!

So after a little inspiration, I stumbled upon BlueSunflower’s Etsy shop.  I love her pieces!  I think they’d also make really cute bridesmaid gifts.

Here are my favorites from her ring collection:

Rose Gold Initial Rings – $23

Stacking Rings – $17 each

Gold Textured Stacking Rings (Set of 5) – $77

Double Band Trinity Ring (Russian Wedding Ring) – $77

Bridesmaid Gift: Solemates

I know Winter isn’t traditionally “wedding season” for most people, but in Hawaii, it’s wedding season all year! I’m actually going to a wedding next month!

Besides attending year-round weddings, I also tend to go to a lot of outdoor weddings. At the last one we went to, I wore my favorite shoes–these black slingback pumps with a stiletto heel. They are AWESOME–unless you are standing on a lawn. I SANK. I tried to stand on my tip-toes but I ended up poking all these tiny holes into the grass. Oops.

Thank goodness for Soulmates!

You know, the other kind of sole?  (Haha?)  I think these would be great to give your bridesmaids if you’re having an ourdoor wedding.  Don’t forget to pick up a pair for yourself!  I’m definitely going to swing by the Wedding Cafe to pick up a pair.

They don’t look too obvious, do they?

P.S. The Wedding Cafe is located at Ward Warehouse. They’re definitely a one-stop-shop when it comes to all of your wedding needs!