November 2013 Conscious Box – 2nd Birthday Edition

I can’t say no to “healthy” box subscriptions. Maybe it’s my conscious trying to turn a new leaf because I half-assed my New Years Resolution? (That’s probably it).

But anyway, I signed up for my first Conscious Box.  It’s normally $20 a month but they had a promo to get your first box for $5.  (Actually THAT’S probably why)

image image

Very interesting packaging!  I felt like I got mail from Whole Foods and as soon as I opened the box, I almost felt like I was instantly transported to their healthy living section.  You know, where they sell all the supplements and eco-friendly toilet paper?  (Haha)

But anyway, this box was Conscious Box’s Happy 2nd Birthday Box and they definitely pulled out all of the stops for this one.  I was extremely surprised to see that the box was PACKED.


Here are the edible items:
– TeeChia Super Seeds Cereal – Cran Apple
– Plum Organics Grammy Sammy
– Yaff Bar
– Swiss Villa Raw Milk Cow Cheese – Herbes de Provence


Yes, you read that correctly.  That Yaff bar is both human and canine friendly!  That’s rather cute–if you go hiking with your dog, you can even share your snack.  I tried it—it was kind of bland (but not bad), but I guess that’s the pay off so that you can safely share with Fido.  The Grammy Sammy was alright (but kid friendly), I did not care for the TeeChia cereal at all, and I haven’t had the courage to try the cheese yet.

Here are the vitamins/supplements:
– MRM Digest-all
– Mega Food Vegan Daily Dietary Supplement
– Global Health Trax ThreeLac Probiotic
– Smarty Pants – Weight Management Complete Vitamins
– Maty’s All Natural Cough Syrup


And here are the “destresser/detox” items.
– Mighty Leaf Organics Tea (3 bags)
– DetoxRx Cell-U-Firm Body Gel
– Rebootizer Destress Detox
– Sunology Natural Sunscreen (eh, not really detox but having protected skin is not…stressful?  sorry, I tried)


I also got a lot of cards with promo codes on other eco-friendly products.

Overall,  I’m pleased but…my overall Conscious Box experience was just okay.  I wasn’t blown away with the edible items but I really did appreciate the variety and sheer volume of products.  At first,  I was hoping that the majority of the items would be food, but because it was a mega-wide selection box, it makes me focus less on snacking and more on things like trying new (non-food) things, taking deep breaths, getting good nutrition, etc.  At the end of the day, I guess I really did feel more…balanced.

The other thing is that I didn’t care for the review system.  You can leave reviews for points, like how Birchbox does it, but with Conscious Box, you don’t have any choice but to you use full name.  Maybe I’m mistaken?

PS: If you need a gluten-free or vegan box, Conscious Box also does special versions of that as well.  Aww, so thoughtful~