How to cut a Mango (Properly)

Okay I won’t lie–I just barbarically ripped apart a mango with my bare hands.  I tried to cut it in half (yes, I know mangos have pits) in the method of de-pitting an avocado…but it didn’t really work.  HAHA (yes, you really should laugh), so I ended up peeling the skin off in strips and cutting whatever meat off, I could.  The whole time I was doing this, I couldn’t help but imagining all the local aunties rolling in their graves–seriously, how does this girl not know how to cut up a mango?

So I googled it and decided that I MUST share it with y’all.  You end up with BEAUTIFUL, neat, little cubes…that are so unlike the ripped up pieces of meat that I’m eating right now.

It’s mango season in Hawaii–I usually eat mine with breakfast, sprinkled with a little li-hing mui powder.  I’m really tempted to make mango bread or perhaps a mango smoothie?  AHH chilled mango.  Or maybe a mango syrup so I can make homemade shave ice?  Gosh, I’m so excited–anything chilled would be like GOLD in this heat.  And if it’s mango flavored, it’s an extra special bonus.