Preview! March 2014 Darby Smart to DIY for Box: Wood Burned Bamboo Cutting Boards

One reason that I’m rather fond of Darby Smart is that (it seems like) most of their boxes revolve around jazzing up your home (vs. mostly jazzing up your style).  These bamboo cutting boards are definitely going to be jazzing up my kitchen!


This month’s Darby Smart to DIY for Box features a wood burning kit intended for 2 gorgeous bamboo cutting boards.


Isn’t the wood grain on these lovely?  They are kind of small, though, so I’m imaging that these are less functional for everyday use and more for presentation.  Like presenting super awesome spread of cheese during ladies BYO Wine night.   Thankfully, there was a small piece of wood to practice with so I don’t mess up the bamboo on my first try.

This box also came with a stencil card.  Mine are a variety of lovely vine patterns (which match my wedding theme, oh DS!  You guys are too thoughtful) but I’ve seen some other really cool ones in other people’s boxes.  Feathers, stripes, super cool geometric patterns.


What’s interesting is that I got a tube of green pearl paint.  For what?  It’s not on the instructions card.  I think I might have gotten an unintended bonus (unless they meant for me to color the vines in?  I doubt this is food safe so I’ll be saving it for a future DIY project later down the road.

What do you guys think?  I love this box because it’s so versatile!  The wood burning pen opens the doors for future wood burning projects—I’m thinking gifts.  Am I getting a little too ahead of myself?  Christmas is so far away…(but a girl’s gotta start somewhere, right?)  I know TJ Maxx usually has all sorts of pretty bamboo items on sale—I think I’m going to collect the nice pieces and then customize them.  Hurray!  Thank you Darby Smart!


February 2014 Darby Smart to DIY for Box: Alcohol Inks — Review

I just wanted to share some action shots of my February Darby Smart to DIY for box which featured a very cool way to use alcohol inks. This is my first time working with them–I’ve seen them in my local craft store but I had no idea what to do with them…so here goes!

I was generous with the alcohol solution.


Each “run” of ink is actually only one drop.  Crazy, yeah?


And voila!  My “masterpiece.”  (It’s okay, you guys can laugh)  This is with all 3 colors.  I couldn’t get the full “peacock feather” effect but I love the areas that turned indigo, green and orange!


At first I thought….man, this is kind of…ugly.  But it’s growing on me!  I’m rather fond of them now.  I even got (honest HAHA) compliments at work for my artsy coasters.  B and I played around—we covered the other coasters entirely.  The drip method was our favorite, otherwise, I just felt like it looked like ink blots.   I did notice that the Mod Podge smeared the colors around a little—I had a tinge of brown on my white sections in the end.  Oh well.

Thanks Darby Smart!  That was fun.  (PS I got my April box in the mail!  Sorry, that project is going to take a while but I’ll be posting my preview for it soon.  Man, I am so late to the party with these DIY boxes lately!)

Hiatus (THE BIG DAY!) and Sneak Peek for March/April

Good Morning lovelies!

Today is Wednesday, February 26th.  2014.  I am officially on pre-wedding vacation mode and my blog will be as well!  (The Big Day is this Saturday!  I’m so excited *insert a bajillion exclamation points*)  I’ll probably be out most of the time but I’ll try to sneak in from time to time to share anything fun.

But, before I did step out, I wanted to leave you guys with a sneak peek of what’s coming up for March and April.

1. Influester Optic White VoxBox Review 
I’m really glad that I qualified!  (Is it weird that I’m pretty happy to be getting dental products?)   Influester *just* shipped by box–this is my first Voxbox of 2014!  Have you guys been getting any cool Voxboxes lately?  I thought the Valentine’s Day themed one was really sweet.

2. Stitch Fix #2
I am looking forward to this the most!  I’ve been enjoying reading up on everyone else’s Fixes lately.  🙂  I was hoping to schedule this in March but I’m delaying until April.  I hope the pieces are a bit less winter themed then (I LOVE winter clothing but wearing them in Hawaii can be a bit challenging).  Hopefully I find something really awesome to wear to our honeymoon in May!

3. Detailed review on Darby Smart’s February to DIY for Box
Remember those alcohol inks?  I can’t wait to see what their March teaser picture will be.

4. Detailed review on For the Maker’s March Box
For the Makers is a similar crafty DIY box, kind of like Darby Smart.  I was under the impression that they do a bunch of seperate projects (that are all related, using similar materials, etc) vs. how Darby Smart sends you enough things for one big project and leftovers to do whatever.  I’m not sure so we will see!  All these wedding crafts have sparked the DIY-er in me—I can’t wait to do some more.

5. Detailed review on Escape Monthly’s February Box: NYC!
Escape Monthly is a travel/destination themed subscription box!  February’s box featured local artisan products from NYC, and I know that March is going to feature Ireland!  That’s pretty neat, isn’t it?

6. March and April Birchbox Reviews 

And with that, I’m out! I am sooooooooo ready to just kick back and relax.   Hope you guys are all having a great week so far!

Sunset at Ko Olina

Preview! February 2014 Darby Smart To DIY For Box: Alcohol Inks

AHHHH I just received my first Darby Smart box in the mail and I can’t WAIT to try it!  I haven’t actually started my project yet, but I’m so excited that I just HAVE to share it ASAP.

Oops, getting ahead of myself again…. Okay.  First off, Darby Smart’s To DIY For box is a monthly subscription  that sends you all the things you need for one super neat/chic/awesome project.  It runs for $19 a month but the shipping is free!

They usually have a teaser pic of materials that will be used in the next box, this was the “reveal” for February.


Isn’t that beautiful?  To me, it looks like an abstract stained glass piece that was inspired by peacock feathers…I guess.  *does an artsy appreciation head tilt*  I love the variety of colors and the way to sorta run together.  So, that’s made with Alcohol Ink!  This month’s DIY is to make Ink Blot Coasters.  I have never heard of or worked with said ink, so this month is going to be an adventure.

To DIY For Boxes are a cute blue color and have “Internet Rehab Inside” printed on the top.  I’m so curious to know what my mailman thinks I’m receiving, haha.  (I bet he thinks its shoes)


And when you open it up, you’re immediately greeted with instructions!  And a whole box of materials.   This box included:

  • 3 alcohol inks and 1 alcohol blending solution
    • Wild Plum (Magenta)
    • Butterscotch (Goldenrod)
    • Stream (Teal)
  • 1 Foam Brush
  • 1 bottle of Mod Podge Glossy Sealer
  • 4 ceramic tile coasters
  • A sheet of Cork Stickies

IMG_3617 IMG_3618 IMG_3619 IMG_3620

I can’t wait to start this project!  I’ve got to hold off at the moment because I have a bajillion more wedding DIY projects to do, but I’m pretty excited to have these coasters ready to go!

I plan on letting the inks drip, so it’s more like their teaser picture, but I love what you get when you do it the Instructions way also.  I also plan on being generous with the blender solution—-the more you put, the more the inks will spread.

What do you guys think?  I rather like that they send you ALL the supplies that you need for a project—my problem with DIY projects that I see online is that I’m sometimes discouraged when I find out that I need an expensive tool (that I’ll probably only use once) to do it.  And that’s on top of all the materials you need to buy!  Blah.  The other thing that I like is that Darby Smart is really good at sending up follow-up DIY ideas for things that you CAN make on your own.  Still have some alcohol ink left over?  Here’s something cool you can do with it!  Or a whole email dedicated to the wonders of Mod Podge.

If you want in on the DIY action, here’s a link to try Darby Smart.   And if you use the code, howdydarby, you can get $10 off!  That makes your first box only $9.  Awesome~ Please share some pics of your next Darby Box!