Wishlist: The Lettered Bride DIY Calligraphy Kit

I did my own ‘calligraphy’ for my wedding.  It involved a specialized fountain pen and lots and lots of inky fingers!  In the end, I thought it came out pretty good—I got calls asking about my handwriting (sorry for the bragging!  I felt so proud. :3) but it was a LOT of hard work (but also lots of fun)!  Part of the difficulty came from not knowing where to start.  I started with the wrong pens and then I had the wrong ink—I was pretty discouraged and I almost gave up!  I’m glad I stuck with it.

To make it easier for an already busy bride who’s got a LOT on her plate, Ashley Lurcott, a pro wedding calligrapher, has curated this beauty.

Voila!  The Lettered Bride.


The Lettered Bride DIY Calligraphy Kit is much more than just a pen, ink, and an alphabet to copy — from laying out your envelopes, to crafting your own unique lettering style, to prepping and cleaning your pens, it’s your complete guide to addressing beautiful wedding invitations!

The Lettered Bride comes with high-quality, bride-tested tools and materials to make learning a modern calligraphic style easy and fun. Add a personal touch to your invitations and other wedding paper goods (favors, name cards, etc.) without spending a ton of time and money trying to find the right materials!

– Easy care, no-rust pen holder
– Two different nibs to create a variety of writing styles
– High quality ink tested on commonly used wedding envelopes (please specify black, white, or gold)
– Step-by-step instruction booklet with alphabet variations, pen care instructions, envelope layout ideas, and custom-ruled practice sheets
– Lovingly packaged by hand – perfect for engagement gifts!

– Designed by a bride who spent way more time and money than she wanted to trying to find the right tools to address her wedding invitations!
– Specify your ink color – perfect for those using darker envelopes who may want gold or white ink.
– All three available inks have been thoroughly tested against many other inks and are beautiful, opaque, durable, quick to dry, and just the right consistency.
– The Lettered Bride emphasizes modern calligraphy scripts – most in-store kits don’t provide pointed-pen nibs and instead teach old-fashioned, gothic calligraphy styles.
– The instruction booklet includes prepping and care of your pens and nibs, envelope layout ideas, troubleshooting, and multiple variations of letterforms so you can create your own unique alphabet that works with your natural handwriting.
– Works for lefties and righties!


What do you guys think?  I absolutely love this kit!  Personally, I would go for the gold ink.  Heck, I’m tempted to buy this as a birthday present for myself.  Now I can handwrite envelopes for my sister’s future wedding?  I hope?  :]

PS Ashley also sells GORGEOUS custom calligraphy rubber stamps.  You’d have the most amazing RSVP card ever.


Wishlist: Valek Engraved Rolling Pins

I’m an….okay baker.  Okay because I don’t do anything fancy—I only bake really simple stuff!  I’ve always wanted to learn how to make my own pie.  Apple pie!  I love apple pie.  My favorite part is the filling but B‘s is hands down, the crust.

This is probably overkill for my baking level but if any of you are baking pros (or know one), this is the tool for you!

Enter: Valek Engraved Rolling Pins.  These are the coolest things ever!  They’re designed by a young Polish designer who laser engraves them herself.

You can now claim ownership of your amazing baked goods by embossing them with your name.

Personalized ‘Made by’ Rolling Pin $56


Or if you’re baking for Christmas, this is perfect!  The most adorable “For Santa” cookies ever.

Merry Christmas Rolling Pin – $42


As neat as the word ones are, I think the whimsical ones are my favorite.  They’re so cute!

This one is for dog lovers (or for cool dog moms who bake their own doggie treats)

Embossing Rolling Pin –  Dog Pattern – $42


But if cats are more your thing then:

Embossing Rolling Pin – Cat Pattern – $42


And if I was totally wrong and you’re into foxes and dinosaurs, no worries!  I got you covered.

Embossing Rolling Pin – Fox Pattern – $42

Embossing Rolling Pin – Dinosaur Pattern – $42


Also, I’ve got to show love for these BEAUTIFUL geometric designs.

Geometric Pattern – Circles $42

Geometric Design – Line Design – $42

Geometric Pattern – Arrow Design – $42


So?  Are you itching to bake pie crusts and super awesome cookies like I am?  Click any of the above images for a direct link to Valek’s Etsy Shop.  I think these would make wonderful gifts—I think I’m going to buy my sister one for Christmas.  Does she read my blog?  I don’t think so *whew!*  Perhaps I shouldn’t announce my secret gift giving plans on the internet.

Burger and Chips Pattern – $42

Wishlist: decoylab Bamboo Clocks

I have been obsessed with hanging things on our walls.  OBSESSED.  I went on a picture frame buying spree last week and now, I’m looking for other random things that can be hung: wall art/functional basket mail organizer things/clocks.   If possible, I would have loved for it to be handmade (vs. bought at Target).

Enter, decoylab.  Makers of super cool, rather cute, awesome laser cut bamboo (and other sustainable materials) things.  Mostly clocks.  But really cool things!   I love all of their products.  I think the floral ones would look great in my office and the fairy tail animal ones would look great in a kids room.  What do you guys think?

Small Houseplant Wood Ornament

Wooden Forest Animal Clock

Bouquet Clock

Floral Kirie Clock


Modern Deer Cuckoo Clock

Elephant Clock with Flowers and Butterflies

Kirie Bamboo Clock

Bamboo Birdies Clock


Bamboo Twig Berry Brooch Pin


Any favorites?  Handsdown, mine is the Bouquet clock.  It’s so pretty!  YAY for Made in the USA!  Please check out decoylab’s Etsy shop if you’re interested in checking out more laser-cut goodness.





Terrarium Love

I was randomly surfing through Etsy today and I stumbled upon this absolutely neat collection of terrariums.  I made one in 4th grade, once, but man.  These ones are so much cooler.  Don’t you want one of these for your office?  I definitely do.

Hope this post of happy plants brightens up your morning and have a great week!  😀










DIY Wrapped Beach Dress

It has been POURING cats and dogs all week in Hawaii.  So, in my dreaming for beach weather back, here is one of the simplest yet most awesome clothing DIYs ever—the Wrapped Beach Dress, via a pair & a spare.

via a pair & a spare


This would be really cute for beach days!  Especially if you’re in Waikiki–then you can jump into the ocean and wrap yourself up stylishly before grabbing a bite to eat or doing some quick shopping.   I usually just slip on a tank and a pair of shorts after the water so I’ll be on the hunt for a cute wrap so that I can change things up.  Thanks a pair & a spare!

I absolutely love these sarongs by Borneo Batikcraft

Borneo Batikcraft

Borneo Batikcraft

Borneo Batikcraft

Borneo Batikcraft