FLAT IRON CURLS (Yes in capitals!) + Weekend Shenanigans

For those of you who already know about this, OMG, you are all so smart.  But for those of you who’ve never tried it, YES.  It’s a game changer.

Eventually, I feel like there’s a certain….hair iron makes it to everyone’s Facebook page.  You all know which one.   It’s either in a sponsored ad, you’re tagged in a post, or you see curls and curls and curls and you have to click.  (I did).  I read a bunch of reviews about it–50% seemed to LOVE IT, 50% seemed to have difficulty with the method.  I was able to score a legit factory refurbished iron on eBay for half the price (this is a $200 iron)…and…I tried.  I have no shame in admitting that I couldn’t get the hang of it!   The company has a video in which a 10 year girl uses the iron and gah, this technique is beyond me.  I sold the iron back to eBay (and made a profit, woohoo!).  [In all fairness, I know someone who has one (she’s 10x more coordinated than I am) and her curls are AMAZING]

I was convinced that THAT iron was MAGIC but it’s pretty much a typical flat-iron, albeit with more of a curve at the plates.  The curve helps but it’s not the magic that makes the curl–it’s the motion!  The motion itself is something that can be created with any flat iron (but ones with beveled edges to make it way easier).  The other thing that I didn’t really like was that the heat was set at one temperature–400.  FOUR HUNDRED.  My fine hair gets frizzy at high temps like that.  Frizzy curls?  No thank you.

But anyway–I found this video on Youtube!  I wish I saw this when I had the iron, but at the same time, I’m glad I’m seeing it now so I can try it with a regular iron that’s 1/4 of the cost.  There’s another method in which you twist your iron 360 degrees and pull it through your hair–I found this one so much simpler.  I can’t wait to try it!!!

Other things:

  • DANG it’s February already!  Are you all ready for Valentine’s Day?  I draped my desk at work with garlands of hearts.  Haha!
  • If you’re in Hawaii, the Punahou Carnival is this weekend!  If you’re not willing to go ridiculously early for Mango Chutney, check out my post about THE RECIPE!
  • THE game is this weekend.  Whoever your cheering for, hope you enjoy the game (and the snacks)!

Influenster Frosty VoxBox Review: EcoTools Hair Brush

You guys know how these always start:  Influenster provided this product to me, free of charge, for testing purposes.  TESTING, you say?  Then let’s start!
One of my favorite items in the Frosty VoxBox was this EcoTools Hair Brush.

Voila! The Detangler.

From the Product card:
EcoTools hair brushes are designed with unique features that leave your head and hair happy and healthy.  Long or short, straight or curly, EcoTools has the brush to tame any hair style with a variety of brush head shapes and bristle designs specially crafted to suit every need.
EcoTools makes a bunch of hair brushes but the one I got was the Smoothing Detangler Hair Brush.

Smooth through tangles in a breeze! Our fan favorite paddle brush has a unique bristle design and cushioned paddle that glides through hair for gentle detangling — dry or wet. Plus, when blowing dry the brush dries hair 20% faster* due to its aerodynamic Eco-Vent™ design. Less time drying allows for less heat damage and quicker prep time!

I absolutely LOVE the bamboo handle.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.  It’s comfortable and the bristles aren’t too stiff or too soft–they’re perfect.
My hair is very long and it’s very fine/straight.  Confession time: I don’t really have to brush it for detangling purposes (but I do, just to get rid of loose hair), and I also don’t blow dry it either because it dries really quickly (due to my climate).  So although I use this brush primarily for detangling/blowdrying, I have noticed that this brush is really really smooth.  The bristles don’t snag my hair, which sometimes happens with cheaper brushes.
This brush shape works the best for me but EcoTools makes a bunch of other ones–I saw an airdryer one (WHICH WOULD BE PERFECT FOR ME), a barrel one for curling.  If I ever start blowdrying my hair (more often), I think I’d go straight for these products as styling tools.  They’re so much cooler than the regular plastic Goody ones!
What do you guys think?  I liked this product but I’m more interested in their makeup brushes.  Again, I love the handles but I wonder if the brushes are soft?  I need to replace some of mine (I’m using the brushes from the Bare Minerals intro pack—they are OLD and rather scratchy. Do you guys have any recommendations?)

Goody Spin Pin

Do any of you enter the Allure Free Stuff Times giveaways?  They had a crazy month full of giveaways in August.  I entered the contests just for fun but I never really expected to win anything.  First 1,100, or 500?  Blah oh well. 

But whatdyaknow!  I actually did win stuff!  So far, I’ve won a Wet n Wild Mega Liner Liquid Eyeliner ($2.99).  I also just got an email that said I won a Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin Mini ($7.29).  Free stuff is free stuff, right?

(The name, “Spin Pin Mini” makes me think it’s a little tiny pen that I twirl around my fingers when I’m bored.  )

But actually, it seems like I won a pretty handy holiday party hair accessory.  You just twist it in your hair and voila!  It works well with fine hair so hurray!  I’m going to do my hair like this for our friend’s wedding.



But you can also get a little fancy and do something like this!

Yeah, perhaps these Goody Spin Pin Minis are for me. My hair doesn’t really like being curled all that much.