The Happenings: October 2015

So far, this month has been absolutely nuts. I’m typing this on my phone in my car because whenever I get near a computer (with a real, physical keyboard *sigh*), I feel like I have a bazillion things to do and I always forget to update. Let’s fix that!

First off, my Box of Style FINALLY came in. Y’all know this is my favorite subscription box but the shipping takes forever and a day (actually, more than a month to Hawaii. It takes the slow slow slow ship method vs airmail). I like both straps but I would have loved a nice, rich brown over both.


The casing doesn’t feel too large and even though I generally prefer lighter faces, it’s growing on me! The straps do feel a bit chalky (they are genuine) but they just need a bit breaking in.  It was really easy to switch the straps so I feel like I’d buy more, depending on the occasion/my mood.

K second–last weekend was a nice three-day-er! We didn’t have much time for relaxing but we did do the Hawaii Humane Society’s Pet Walk. It was ridiculous humid, Zuko got so excited that he pooped twice (once on the path haha gosh), but we had an amazing time! 


They even had puppy shave ice afterwards, but we had to be careful with how much he ate so he didn’t cool himself off too quickly.  There were a lot of other Shibas there and at 20lbs, my pup really is a tiny Sheeb.

And third, lastly, I’ve been in a nonstop Vietnamese food obsession.  I usually get the vermicelli with lemongrass chicken or tofu because there’s a wonderful layer of lettuce and other veggies under it. Obsessed!  This is my third time eating this this week.


For lunch, I get the lemongrass [protein] in a sandwich with extra veggies. They’re pickled daikon and carrots–its addicting!

Okay that’s it for now, ahhhhhhhhhh back into the stress of work. Hope you are all having a great week do far, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!