Wedding Wish List: Calligraphy

So after blinding myself by looking through Pinterest for the past couple hours (my eyes, my eyes!), I am going to start blogging about my absolute most favorite ideas.

I think we’ll start with my personal favorite: hand-addressed envelopes. 

I think they are GORGEOUS.  Can you imagine if you got one in the mail?  It would be like getting an invitation to a ball!  (You know, like Cinderella?  I tried on a very Cinderella-esque dress the other day) 

DamnGoodCalligraphy – $2.50 per envelope

AbigailTCalligraphy – $2 per envelope

inkblotcalligraphy – $3 per envelope

So with a little math, I figured it would cost me about….$240 to have my invitations hand addressed.  Dang! Which one do you guys like the best?  I think my favorite is Abigail’s writing–the script is just enough.  It’s not too crazy or not too simple and the design is still very eye catching.

Do you think I could teach myself how to do this?   Hahahahaha. 😦  Maybe I can ask my future Mother-In-Law.  Her handwriting is BEAUTIFUL (she writes everything in cursive!) but it’s rather small.  Hmm.