Monday: Japanese Curry (in an Instant Pot)

Have you guys ever heard of the Instant Pot?  It’s basically a pressure cooker that can also be a slow cooker with lots and lots of settings.  I’ve never really been a big fan of pressure cooking because it sounds rather…scary, but this Instant Pot thing has been AMAZING so far.  Guys, I cooked Shoyu Chicken (it’s a local dish–chicken cooked in soy sauce) in 15 minutes…with FROZEN CHICKEN.  Since then, I’ve been on an instant pot roll.  I’ve made cheesecake, kalua pork, lemon chicken….but my favorite thing that I’ve made recently was Japanese Chicken Curry.  (This isn’t chicken cutlet [fried]–it’s almost like the stewed chicken that you get from Curry House)

SO EASY and SO QUICK.  In all fairness, it does take a while for the instant pot to heat up (aka the countdown timer doesn’t actually tick down until it gets to temperature), but I love that it’s only in one pot and I can pretty much start cleaning up while it’s cooking!  I don’t have to do a thing!  If you come across any amazing instant pot recipes, please feel free to share.

On subscription news:   I thought I was going to be getting rid of some subscription boxes this year but I was terrible and I ended up keeping most of them.  I got my Spring 2017 Avenue A box in the mail the other day and it was AWESOME.  I got a super cool pair of shoes, an entire workout outfit, and a bag (which is super cool but it’s white [not a fan] so I’m Poshmarking it).  My RZ Box of Style is coming in later this week!



Hawaii Eats: Strawberry Mochi

B is from Hilo, on the Big Island, and a bunch of his friends are from there also.  So whenever one of them would come back, they would bring back little boxes full of the biggest, best, and tastiest Strawberry Mochi I’ve ever seen.  Seriously, as they put it, “It’s broke da mouth” (so good, your mouth is broken).  After many inquiries, I discovered that this wonderful treat is from Two Ladies Kitchen.

For those of you who have never had it, Strawberry Mochi is basically a huge, ripe strawberry covered in sweet azuki paste inside of mochi pocket.  Almost like a manapua but sweet!  I know they have some on Oahu but Two Ladies Kitchen’s mochi was the first (and best) I’ve ever had.

Here’s what it looks like on the inside:

Strawberry Mochi - Yelp

Sometimes if I’m lucky, B‘s mom brings some with her if she visits.  It’s awesome and I’m super thankful!  One of the newer things that Two Ladies Kitchen has been doing is making Grape Mochi.  It’s exactly the same thing as the strawberry (I don’t remember if there is azuki paste).  It’s a different yet still refreshing taste.

So, if any of you are ever in Hilo Town, make sure to pay Two Ladies Kitchen a visit!  I promise you won’t forget it.  If you plan on taking some home for omiyage, I would recommend calling ahead to place an order.  Oh, and be careful when placing orders near Japanese celebration days (Girl’s Day, New Year’s, Obon Season, and Christmas also) because this place can get SUPER busy.

Mochi Variety! - Yelp

Two Ladies Kitchen
274 Kilauea Avenue, Hilo, Hawaii
(808) 961-4766
Wed – Sat: 10AM – 5PM