The Happenings: December 2015

How are you all doing?  This year has been non-stop runaway crazy busy for me and I’m ready for a vacation!  Haha, who am I kidding, it’s only February.  *sigh* I still have to catch up with all the stuff from December–I’m falling behind, as you can clearly see.

I can’t lie and say it hasn’t all been fun.  Let’s focus on the fun stuff!  First off, I went to Korea for the first time.  It was also the first time I experienced being ‘chilled to the bone.’  The funny but actually kind of sad story is that another team went out before us (to the same place) and they emailed back and said, ‘Hey!  The weather is perfect!  You don’t need your thermals, just light layering pieces will do.”  So that’s what we packed!  The first day it was exactly as described, the second day was pretty chilly…and on the third day, it snowed.  The fourth day, I had to buy a fur-lined hooded snowboarding jacket, and the fifth day, I…was done so we went home.  Being cold in Korea has it’s perks though–you can eat their extremely spicy (yet also extremely flavorful) all day long and your body will thank you for it!  Everything was red and delicious, I loved it.


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Korean Makeup Haul – Skin Food

Warning: This will be a post almost entirely about eyeliner.  (FUN! Are you as excited as I am?  If I had to pick one product to use exclusively for the rest of my life, It’d be eyeliner.  Definitely eyeliner.)

Skin Food is a skincare and makeup brand that’s been around since 1957 in Korea.  I’ve seen the products around but they aren’t as available to me in Hawaii, definitely not like Nature Republic or the Face Shop, so I was eager to try out their products.  Also, I think everything I bought was on sale.  Haha!  I can’t turn down sales.  D:


From the left:

  • Black Bean Lip Line Pencils – Shades 2 and 3.  There are black bean nutrients/extracts in the formula that are supposedly very moisturizing.  One side has the product and there’s a little handy built in lip brush on the other side.  The colors I got are a pinky rose and a nude rose–they go on VERY sheer on my lips and they last a LONG TIME.  I absolutely love them–I kind of wish I got the coral and red shades also.
  • Seaweed Waterproof Auto Eyeliner  – Deep Sea Black.  Marine names for marine based products–isn’t that cute?  Auto Eyeliner means that’s got a mechanical twist to move the product up so no more sharpening.  I *think* there’s something in the cover that sharpens it, kind of like the Smashbox Always Sharp Kohl Liner series, but I’m not entirely sure.  Glides on well and it seems like it’s easy to smudge while retaining it’s staying power.
  • Seaweed Waterproof Auto Eyeliner – Sparkling Mocha, Black, Golden Fish Tale.  These were on sale so I bought them–I think there might be a little break in the stick cause the products fell out after I took the caps off.  Oh well–they are so cute!  There are little flecks of glitter in the pigments.  I wish the golden color had more pigmentation though–instead of an eyeliner, I smoothed it over my eyelid for a little bit of sparkle and color.
  • Mineral Lashliner – 03 Black.  It claims its smudge-proof and soft siding, it also comes with a little…plastic smudger?  That’s also double-sided as a sharpener, so that’s cool.
  • Viva-Waterproof Tip Pen Eyeliner – Black.  This eyeliner series had a brown and also a three tipped marker for different eyeliner looks.  This one is a classic brush shape that REALLY reminds me of the Kat Von D eyeliner that I absolutely LOVE.  Hope the formula stacks up but we’ll see!

They also gave me a little Snoopy x Skin Food cosmetics pouch also, so cute!  I love Korea and I love Korean makeup.  This was my last Korean haul — I don’t seem to splurge on makeup like this while I’m in Japan, so I’ll most likely be switching back to my tried and true Sephora makeup products after these are all tried and gone.  Qualified for VIB this year so woohoo!  Sales!

Korean Makeup/Skincare Haul – Etude House

Belated Merry Christmas, everyone!  Hope you all had a wonderful holiday surrounded by family and friends, good food, Christmas cheer…  *sigh* I love the holidays.  :3

I actually got back from Korea about a week ago and I wanted to share a haul from the Korean brand: Etude House.  This is my girlfriend’s absolute FAVORITE brand because the packaging is extremely cute and girly–it’s right up her alley.  She showed me her compact during a lunch break and it was pink, sparkley, just as princess-ey as you can imagine.

I love sparkle (not as much as she does) but I still  wanted to try out the brand so I got a variety of random skincare and makeup things.  The grand total for this was roughly $50 US and it’s important to note that I bought almost every item on sale. YAY for deals!

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The Face Shop Haul #4

I was running low on moisturizer last week, so I stopped by the Face Shop…I caved and FINALLY bought that Smim moisturizer. Yes, you’re reading that correctly. The….Smim.  Doesn’t it sound straight out of a Dr. Seuss book?




  1. Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam – Mung Beans
  2. the smim – Radiating Moisture Emulsion
  3. Sample:  seed in seed core seed Purifying Essence (serum)
  4. Sample: Chia Seed Sebum Control Moisture cream (oil-free)
  5. Sample: Natural Sun Sebum Control SPF 40 PA+++ sunscreen


I decided to spend the $39 (eek!) on that Smim Moisturizer because it’s SO light and I never feel oily and clogged after wearing it, even for long periods of time.  We are FULL into summer in Hawaii and I have been way more oily then normal—I need a moisturizer that hydrates but is as light as possible.  The lightest moisturizer that I’ve tried is Clinique’s Dramatically Different Gel, which I like…but I wanted something different.  Also, I find that the smim emulsion is a tad bit lighter feeling AND it smells way better.  It’s pricier than Clinique’s gel but I like it a lot more!  From what I understand, this product isn’t entirely oil-free, but I haven’t felt any oiler (and my skin hasn’t broken out) since using this product.

the smim radiating moisturizing essence (the product I bought is taller than this)

  • Flawless Skin with Moisture Radiance
  • An Essence restoring moisturized radiance from inside the skin with deep moisturization by naturally fermented kefir.
  • Cloud berry growing in extreme regions and kefir infuse moisture deep into the skin and bring out the full potential of radiance of the skin to rejuvenate as if it has been newly born.
  • The formula containing shining granules spreads smoothly and restores moisture and radiance to the skin the moment it is applied.


The other product I bought was a steal at $5—it was a basic foaming cleanser.  The formula is Mung Beans which is for all skin types but particularly oily ones (from what the Face Shop girl told me).  I really like this one!  It’s not as drying as the peach one I tried, and the smell is really pleasant.  It’s not too strong.  My skin feels really clean and soft (but not stripped dry) after using this product.  Plus, it’s only $5!

Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam – Mung Beans

  • Enriched with skin softening mung beans
  • For all skin type


Yay, a great haul from the Face Shop!  I think I’ll be returning to buy that sebum control sunscreen—it had a nice, dry finish.  I think I like it better than the my all-time favorite Biore sunscreen, for everyday/shopping/etc.  Shocker!  the Face Shop also has a compact, sponge sunscreen with a bit of a tint (that’s still SPF 50)—I think I might go and try that too.  I hope the tint is sheer enough, I’ve been going to the beach every other weekend and I’m way darker than usual.

I love Korean products, they feel so nice on your skin.  If you’ve got any Korean/Face Shop favorites, please feel free to share!  :3

The Face Shop Haul #3


I have been draaaaaaaaaging lately…which is why I headed over to the Face Shop for a $10 pick-me-up!  Refreshing (and cheap!) Korean skincare products always brighten my day.  🙂

  1. Green Tea Moisturizing Hand Gel
  2. Rice Water Brightening Solution (sample)
  3. Green Tea Toner & Lotion (sample)
  4. Bamboo Face Mask
  5. Chia Seed Serum (sample)
  6. White Secret Whitening Body Lotion (sample)
  7. Baby Face Wash Off Mask (sample)
  8. Herb Day 395 Cleansing Foam (sample)
  9. Paraffin Nutrition Nail Pack

Thank you, Face Shop ladies, for the samples!  🙂

I’m on the fence with the hand gel.  I like it because it’s moisturizing yet light but it tends to leave my hands a little tacky afterwards.  I picked a gel instead of a traditional cream/lotion because I’ve previously been using a really thick one that left my fingers rather greasy.  Two ends of the spectrum!  I should blend them together.  😛

I am a huge fan of the Face Shop’s masks.  I put one on, collapse on the couch, and chill.  out.  I emerge from zen mode feeling very refreshed with happy skin!  It also helps that these are $2 each.   I haven’t tried the Bamboo one yet (I really like the lemon one) but I plan on using it with the nail pack!  Ahhh 30 minutes of  relaxing.  I can’t wait.