Zuko: Blowing Coat

Do any of you have dogs with undercoats? Zuko is the first dog that I’ve owned that has one (my family has a short haired Jack Russell. He’s a shortie; he’s so cute!). Undercoats help keep the dogs insulated for cold weather and it’s also supposed to help in warm weather by acting like a heat block. (Or so I’ve been told)

The undercoat gives Zuko Shiba this extra fluffiness; I love it!  Especially around his face–the undercoat gives him a little mane like a lion. But, with great fluffiness comes…great…shedding. Or, in doggie terms: blowing coat.

He’s been shedding slowly since July but last weekend, his coat really started to go for it. This is the accumulation of about a day or so.


We brush him while he naps to about whenever he’s decided that he’s had enough…but the fur just keeps coming out!  If you have de-sheding tips that you’d like to share, I’m all ears.  So far, we use this silicon brush that seems to gently pull out the loose hair. Z’s puppy school instructor let us know about a more effective furminator-like tool called the “Shed Titan.” I just ordered it on Amazon so we’ll see how well it works.

Have a great rest of your week!


Zuko: Homegrown Pineapple

I guess I grew up eating Pineapple. Never the canned kind, always freshly cut, and sprinkled with a bit of li hing powder (like a sweet salty plum taste).  My dad worked at a pineapple plantation when he was a teenager so while he feels pineapple-d out, I don’t think I’d ever get tired of this flavor!

Recently, I’ve been planting the crowns of the sweetest pineapples that I’ve been buying–it takes FOREVER (about a year and a half) to grow but it’s so easy! Just plant and water.  This is my first haul and they’re tiny but extra sweet. 

Zuko wasn’t that impressed (it bet he wishes I grew banana or better yet, rawhide or chicken treats).


Zuko (and Frank): Doggie Yukata


A Yukata is a casual summer kimono–its lightweight and usually cotton (compared to the heavy silks of a normal kimono).

I found this doggie yukata in a pet store in Ayase and I had to get it! It fits Frank a little better since he’s not as fluffy as Zuko but omg. The cuteness, I’m dying.

Stay cool, everyone!  Honolulu broke some heat records recently, time to break out the shave ice machine…

Zuko: Car Rides

This pic is from last Sunday, actually:


Sunday Funday!  My Zuko puppy is growing so huge.  He’s about four months now, and he *just* got his last puppy shot.  Now he can *finally* go for walks!!!  We’re planning on bringing him to the beach, soon.  Shiba Inus typically aren’t huge fans of water (we learned this first hand because Z does NOT like peeing outside if the grass is wet) but we’re optimistic–he doesn’t seem to mind water….if….its moving?  He absolutely LOVES to play in the yard with the hose or sprinkler.  Wish us luck!

P.S. He’s teething!  Do you guys have any teething tips?  So far, we’re giving him frozen bananas and puppy teething rings.