Adidas Avenue A – Winter 2016

…featuring the Rita Ora collection!  Think really bold prints.  REALLY BOLD.  The Winter collection was also rather special because they included two pairs of shoes (usually, we only get one): a running shoe and a lifestyle shoe.


First–can we start with how pretty the lining box is for this season?  I was in love with Fall’s box but Winter’s really hits it out of the ballpark. (I’m using mine as a drawer insert to help organize clothes)


The running shoe is a gray pair of AlphaBounce sneakers.  They’re really comfortable–I was a bit worried about the chunkiness of the sole but I like them!

And the lifestyle shoe is a really classic Adidas model: the Superstar.  Dang, these things have been around since 1969?  I’ve never owned a pair of Superstars myself–my favorite part of these are the gold logo tags.


And on to the clothing!  There were two Rita Ora collection pieces in this box: a Sweatshirt and tights.  Both of them feature her ‘Banned from Normal’ slogan.

Here’s the sweatshirt–when I say bold I mean BOLD!

This is personally, way too busy for me to wear out and about but I’m still of a fan!  I like the overall color scheme and I’m digging that Tiger trefoil on the back.  The slouchy, loose fit looks really comfortable.  Poshmark it is!

The tights are less funky and more wearable, I think–These will look great with the other included top (coming up) and either one of the shoes!  That’s the best part about Avenue A, in my opinion.  Lots of outfits, yeah!


The last piece is a 2 in 1 Top from the Fall/Winter 2017 collection.  I love love love that it’s a layerable top that actually comes apart easily!   This top has a gray tank underneath a white t-shirt that has a keyhole in the back.  I use a lot of my running clothes for yoga as well so this is a great tank/shirt piece for both activities.


And that’s everything!  I’m still a huge huge huge fan of Avenue A–I totally recommend this box if you’re into activewear!  🙂


Adidas Avenue A: Summer 2016

I went off the deep-end, for Summer. In terms of adding new Subscription Boxes, that is. HAHA oh gosh. Its true, I get buyer’s remorse sometimes but the Avenue A box from Adidas definitely has NONE. Yes, it was THAT good.  ut, to be fair, I signed up because I already saw full spoilers on

There were two spoilers that convinced me to sign up (BTW this is a $150 subscription sent quarterly):  These really awesome and comfortable Edge Lux Bounce Running Shoes in this really fun blue color and this Fit Smart running watch.  I actually gave it to B who has been using it daily–he wishes it wasn’t white but he’s been using it daily.  It has a heart rate monitor and interacts with an app to give you workout coaching.  Back to the shoes–the tongue is part of the top fabric so it doesn’t slip and the toebox is very stretchy which makes them extremely comfortable for those with wider feet, like me.  These make great weekend errand shoes–stylish yet comfortable when you’re darting from place to place.



The other things in the box (YES there were other things) were amazing as well!  There was a pair of running shorts (the kind that comes with its own liner), a great lightweight running top (that I wore to Yoga), a headband (that I also wore to yoga) and a pair of slides that are not something I really wear.  I come from a slipper wearing culture (we wear slippers as our daily footwear –not the plastic flip-flop kind, we wear the leather-wrapped, ergonomic with arch support kind) and these would be out of place in Hawaii unless you were going to the pool to swim laps?  Or in a gym locker room?  Hmm.  These might get eBayed but I am digging the colors of the stripes and they do look rather comfortable.  Hmm decisions decisions.

Anyway, what’d you think?  I feel like $150 for two pairs of footwear, an exercise watch, and an entire workout wardrobe is a STEAL, especially since its quality stuff.  I’m definitely looking forward to Fall’s box!  The spoilers are on MSA already–there’s a pair of fun leggings and a pair of shoes that are commemorating the Boston Marathon.

M.Gemi Review/Unboxing – The Stellato

UPDATE: Cyber Monday Special!  $50 off every pair–until 11/30/15.  Have fun!

I apologize but the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about these shoes is, “SQUEEE OMG I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.”

So now, with a bit more polish, I’ll begin.  If you haven’t heard of M.Gemi before, please please please go check them out.  How it works is M.Gemi releases new collections of shoes every week–everything is Italian made and it’s BEAUTIFUL.  They do everything from amazing pumps to extremely covetable flats, comfortable boots, sandals, you name it.  They do business with the same factories that do luxury brands so the quality is ON POINT–I can definitely vouch for that!  The shoes are in the $200+ range but they offer free shipping (for continental US) and free returns so if you’re not entirely in love, no worries there.

I’ve been looking for a pair of comfortable flats for a while–something that I could dress up and down.  It had to be okay for work BUT NOT BORING, and a bit flexible because I’ve inherited wide feet and a bit of a bunion on one foot.  Thanks Grandma (its okay, I still love you).  I currently own a pair of Tory Burch Revas and I love them but gosh, they are so uncomfortable.  I’ve had my eye on a pair of Everlane Modern Loafers ($170) but I was worried about the width (they run rather narrow) and I wasn’t sure how I’d like it overtime with the pronounced crease when worn.  (Plus, they were black.  I typically LOVE black but I want something really FUN.)

Enter, M.Gemi’s Stellato. They run for $198 and are inspired by a smoking flat!  My heart was set on Bronze but I was tempted into buying that really vibrant Violet Shimmer.  Hahaha.

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 2.57.29 PM

I like that every style has a personalized Details and Fit Notes section.  You should read the ones for the 4″ pumps–they’re really cute.  (Also, in regards to M.Gemi’s fit–it’s extremely consistent!  They have a model who tests every pair out to make sure.  I appreciate this–It makes me feel a lot better when ordering expensive items.  Also, this section would say to order half size up depending on the style–esp. for those 4″ pumps)

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DIY: Miu Miu Jeweled Heels

I used to have one dedicated pair of dress-to-impress shoes.  They were these smart Stuart Weitzman pumps (that I got for an amazing deal at Off 5th).  My legs looked AMAZING.  I totally miss those shoes.  I’ve recently picked up another pair of random black heels, coincidentally also from Off 5th, that are almost perfect!  They’ve got this awesome stiletto heel but they’re missing something…

…possibly a little bling?  That I could add/DIY myself to channel my inner fashion guru and don some MIU MIU?  *gasp* Which I love but is def. not in my price range?  There’s no way.

But there is!  Thank you, HonestlyWTF.  I will love my Miu Miu inspired heels, which will be great for a girls night out.  And at least this way, I won’t be so devastated if I scuff these… (because my stilletos only cost $30.  Woo!)

PS Wouldn’t this be a super unique and budget way to dress up some wedding shoes?  It’ d be perfect if you’re going for a glam wedding and want that sparkle (without the damage to your wallet).  This way, you can even customize how much bling you want!  Super neat and budget friendly!  🙂