Wedding Dress Crush: Lace Backs

Sometimes, when I’m chatting with my girlfriends (married and not yet), we talk about dresses.  Would you get a different type of dress?  What kind of train do you want? Something more traditional?  A fun color?

I absolutely LOVED my dress and I still don’t regret picking it as ‘The One,’ but sometimes, I do wish that I had the luxury of picking a different dress for the reception.  Why?  Mostly because I am in LOVE with these lace back wedding dress styles.  It’s funny–I don’t think I would have ever considered anything like this while I was wedding planning but I can’t get enough!

From this Pinterest collage, my favorite would have to be…the top right post.  Here’s a close-up:

Aww guys–check out that crystal detailing–isn’t it awesome?  I also think those crystal buttons go all the way down the train…I have a thing for buttons, also.  Don’t ask me why–buttons.  It’s where it’s at (sorry that was dumb).

The only thing is that you’d either have to wear a sticky bra or have supportive cups sewn into the front of your dress.  I had cups sewn in–I liked it!  It was a lot more comfortable than wearing a bra, especially because I danced A LOT and there was a lot of afternoon sun during pictures.