Monday: Thrift Store Transformations

If you’ve got a spare 5 minutes this morning, check out this super awesome transformation video by April of Thrifted Transformations on YouTube.  She did some magic by turning this rather…dated…denim dress with some pretty embroidery into this stunning halter dress with a lace-up back.  I’m impressed!  I have a sewing machine but I’m thinking that I really should be picking up a dressform.

Dang, what’d you all think?  The place where I get my car’s oil changed is right next to a Goodwill.  Sometimes if I have time to kill, I’ll wander the aisles but I never really buy anything.  I think I’m going to attempt to try and pick up some high-end men’s Aloha Shirts and alter them so that they’re cute sleeveless dresses.  (I say this now but who knows if I’ll ever do it).

Happy Monday, everyone!  Hope you have a great week!


DIY: Good Luck Knot

Nothing too bad has ever happened to me on a Friday the 13th but a little good luck charm never hurt anyone, has it?  And since four-leaf clovers and rabbit’s feet are a bit hard to come by, here’s a quick DIY you can do with some leftover string or cord:  a Chinese Good Luck Knot!


If you’ve got it, try and make your knot out ofsomething red–this color symbolizes good luck and prosperity.

Have a good weekend! :]

Ke$ha – Goodbye (aka Pretty Acoustic Song with No Autotune)

So…the first time I ever heard this song, I was flat-out SURPRISED.

It’s Ke-Dollar-Sign-Ha.  (That’s probably my favorite Glee line ever.)

This is her real voice.  No auto-tune, no weird lyrics, just…her.  It’s one of my favorite songs at the moment.  Give it a try!  I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised, also.  Her regular stuff can be fun but I wish she sang like this more often.


Promise Phan: Princess Jasmine Makeup Tutorial

Wow.  I guess this talent runs in the family?  Princess Phan is either…Michelle Phan’s sister or sister-in-law and she is just as talented.  Check out this video of her transformation into Princess Jasmine!

P.S. If you click around on her youtube site, she does Pocahontas too.  Also, a bunch of celebrities (including Scarlett Johannsen, Angelina Jolie, and…Drake?)

Hair Tutorial: Daven Mayeda

As you can probably tell, I’m a big fan of Michelle Phan’s make-up tutorials.  They’ve been getting fancier and fancier over the years–she even shoots at overseas locations now!

But anyway, I was very impressed with her look from “Rouge in Love.”  Her makeup was beautiful, as always, but her HAIR. WAS. AMAZING.

And Michelle, being the thoughtful person that she is, shared her hairstylist who has made his own tutorial video.  Daven is wonderful and he’s funny too–ahhh I wish he would do my hair.